Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches – Reviews & Buyers Guide 2023

High arches can prove to be a nuisance if not treated properly. This requires shoes designed explicitly for this purpose which promise excellent performance on the court while being comfortable on foot.

Hence, we have compiled a list of our favorite tennis shoes for high arches.

Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches

What are the best tennis shoes for high arches?

Here is the compiled list of best tennis shoes for high arches in 2023.

Image Tennis Shoes For High Arches Key Features Price
adidas-Mens-Barricade-2018 Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 Geo-fit foam Check Price
ASICS-Mens-GEL-Venture-5 ASICS Gel-Venture 5 Breathable and roomy toe box Check Price
Brooks-Mens-Beast-16 Brooks Beast 16 Superb traction on both wet and dry surfaces Check Price
New-Balance-880v6-Mens-Cushioning-Running-Shoe New Balance 880 v6 Long-lasting performance Check Price
adidas-Mens-Grand-Court-Tennis-Shoe Adidas Grand Court Sneakers Immense traction and stability Check Price
Vionic-Womens-Brisk-Aimmy-Walking-Shoes Vionic Aimmy Tennis Shoe Supportive for the ankle and arch Check Price
New-Balance-Mens-577-V1-Lace-up-Walking-Shoe New Balance 577 Tennis Shoe Very comfortable and decently ventilated Check Price
ASICS-Womens-Fuzex-Lyte-2-Running-Shoe ASICS FuzeX Lyte 2 Simplistic and elegant exterior Check Price
adidas-Mens-Pro-Bounce-2019-Low Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Low Shoe Responsive and impact-proof cushioning Check Price

1. Adidas Men’s Barricade Tennis Shoes

Adidas has always proven to take user problems into account and cater to them in the best possible way. Their Men’s Barricade 2018 Boost is often termed the best tennis shoes for high arches. With its stable chassis, stability on the court is guaranteed at all times.

Adidas has once again ensured durability through its long-lasting Adiwear 6 rubber in the outsole. This non-marking material maximizes the stability while the herringbone tread pattern is modified to make up for tremendous traction.

best tennis shoes for high arches

Moreover, Adidas Barricade comes equipped to adapt to both hard and clay courts instantly. Whereas, the highly recognized Goefit foam technology installed offers excellent ankle and tendon support.

Generally, high arches require a high level of cushioning to be healed. Adidas Barricade makes this possible through the boost foam on its heel. Backed by Adiprene plus padding, any user with high arches no longer witness any discomfort on the court with this tennis shoe.

Additionally, featuring an asymmetrical design in the midsole eliminates any discomfort or irritation in this tennis shoe. The mesh upper makes it breathable and light on the feet; meanwhile, the Adituff toe overlay is abrasion-proof.

Lastly, Adidas promises durability in its Barricade 2018. This is done by both, its resistive toe overlay and non-marking material manufacturing for instant turning. The wavy design adds to this further and has to lead to this shoe is the state the most reliable one for all players with higher arches.

So, that’s more than enough to place this beast in our list of top tennis shoes for high arches.

  • Chassis enhances stability and prevent slipping on the court.
  • Geo-fit foam provides tremendous cushioning.
  • Durable outsole and upper.
  • Great lockdown heel.
  • Requires long break-in time.

Final Words:

With all its features stated, it is clear that Adidas has come up with an incredibly supportive pair with its Men’s Barricade 2018 tennis shoe. Adidas has specifically designed this product for every high archer sick of playing while in pain.

2. ASICS Gel-Venture 5 Tennis Shoe

ASICS has always guaranteed nothing but the best with its products. The new Venture line witnessed another exceptional addition to it through the release of the GEL VENTURE 5 Tennis shoe. Specifically made to suit every player with higher than a usual arch, this tennis shoe has come to serve serious looks and comfort.

Beginning from its right to size promise, Gel-Venture 5 fits perfectly on the heel. Its semi-curved construction helps accommodate the feet easily, whereas the mesh upper keeps the air ventilation in check.

Gel-Venture 5 best tennis shoes for high arches

Secondly, the woven upper is sleekly and securely designed to enhance the durability of the shoe. Meanwhile, smooth fabric in its insole serves as socks itself and disregards any possible chances of irritation or blisters.

What is it about GEL VENTURE 5 that makes it perfect for high arches? The answer lies in its molded vinyl acetate cushioning ability. Apart from being responsive and shockproof, this system absorbs any impact thrown at it while ensuring a safe and comfortable landing for every player with a high arch.

This additional cushioning, combined with the stitched synthetic overlays, offers maximum support while protecting from any impact or attack. ASICS prevents any dirt from entering the shoe through its synthetic shields on the toe and heel cap.

While the shields guard the foot rear at all times and are installed, pull, tab eases sliding in and of this tennis shoe. GEL VENTURE 5’s vertical and horizontal grooves make moving on-court smoother and flexible than ever. Its construction from abrasion and shockproof materials takes the durability of VENTURE 5 up a notch.

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  • True to size.
  • Mid-sole foam offers immense comfort and durability.
  • Cushioning is unbelievably responsive and effortless.
  • Offers considerable arch support.
  • The breathable and roomy toe box.
  • Rubber Outsole is not reliable for long go.
  • Might be a little narrow for many players

Final Words:

Keeping these pointers in mind, it is quite evident that ASICS has outdone itself with the GEL VENTURE 5 tennis shoe. Through this product, the brand has promised to enhance the comfortability of every player with a high arch on the court.

3. Brooks Beast 16 Tennis Shoe

Are you looking for the most solid tennis shoe in town to heal your high arch problems? If yes then look no further since Brooks has cleverly designed the Beast 16 to fulfill both of the above goals. Running about half a size smaller, and this pair promises to boost your running experience vastly.

Constructed from abrasion-resistant, HBR Plus rubber, Beast 16 is here to last a lifetime. Utilizing eco-friendly materials for the manufacturing process, HBR green provides impressive traction on both dry and wet courts.

best tennis shoes for high arches

Brooks regulates the coolness and comfort inside the shoe as well through its installed Element Lining, which eliminates any escaped scrape of moisture inside the shoe and works with the Element Mesh upper to attain maximum ventilation.

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Moreover, the installed Flextra Rubber Compound promises flexibility while running furiously. In contrast, the MC Pod Configuration supports this journey by maintaining a balance between stability and support at all times.

Stability is further enhanced through the Extensive Programmable Roll Bar foam. Its triple density assists in the running by removing any over-pronation present. Beast 16, indeed is a beast in use with its Omega Flex Grooves present to increase the flexibility and overall performance of the shoes.

Featuring a DRB Accel, Brooks has offered a solution to every high arch runner. Not only does it offer torsional rigidity but removes any strain on the muscle, toe, or arch.

Additionally, the caterpillar crash pad balances cushioning and impact resistivity accordingly.

Finally, synthetic overlays compiled with a convectional lacing system allow easy securing of the foot while staying light on them. Its internal support saddle eases this further and removes any wobbly feeling during intense running on the court.

  • Lightweight and cool look.
  • Incredibly supportive and comfortable cushioning.
  • Superb traction on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • Various profiles to facilitate different users.
  • Basic colour themes.
  • Not true to its size.

Final Words:

Brooks Beast 16 surely outdid every other tennis shoe in terms of stability and reliability. Although finding the perfect match might be difficult because of its size running shorter than usual, once this is done, Beast 16 promises exceptional performance and comfort for all those with high arches.

4. New Balance 880 v6 Tennis Shoes

New Balance has always been the best in regards to the functionality and flexibility of any shoe. Their 880 v6 falls behind no further and is here to be incredibly appealing for high arched players with the brilliant comfort it offers.

Firstly, with its right-to-size promise, New Balance facilitates every foot shape and size. The premium quality blown rubber construction is indeed a first by New Balance to acclaim immense affirmative reviews by all. It is specifically used to progress the shoe’s durability on a large scale.

best tennis shoes for high arches New Balance 880 v6

In contrast to the traditional flat sections, the 880 v6 tennis shoe comes with shaped circular pods to add to the provided cushioning and traction. Similarly, the ACTEVA compression foam installed makes up for feather-light but immense cushioning and comfort.

Next, through ABZORB foam, New Balance has achieved the perfect blend between reliability and responsiveness. The high-quality material construction ensures the longevity of v6 along with protecting against wear and tear after excessive use.

Removable foam in the heel and forefront of this shoe has made it best for high arch players. It does so by stopping any striking of heels and absorbing shock and abrasion instantly.

Meanwhile, the upper mesh compiled with integrated holes keeps the feet well ventilated and relaxed at any given time. If you are looking for the best tennis shoes for high arches then this is the deal for sure.

Leaving customizability up to its users, New Balance has installed shoelaces with upper fabric to tighten or lose the fit quickly. Its padded tongue and collar secure the foot and protect against accidental slipping.

  • Variety of colour themes to choose from.
  • Breathable and durable synthetic and mesh upper.
  • Padding assists in feet securing and comfort.
  • Long-lasting performance and construction.
  • Requires long break-in time.
  • Narrow toe box.

Final Words:

Although New Balance’s 880 v6 tennis shoes require a significant time to break in to, once this is done customer satisfaction is guaranteed. This shoe is a fantastic match for all those with high arches having high standards to be met.

5. Adidas Grand Court Sneakers

Stated as the most stylish and functional sneakers in the market, Adidas Grand Court has every head turning in its direction. The finished 70s vibe goes well with its cool color schemes and makes it the go-to sneaks for every compiled outfit.

Adidas keeps up with its long-term promise of honesty by offering Grand Court shoes in a proper size fit. Adjustable lace-up kicks are installed to prioritize wearer preference above everything else. At the same time, its leathered layering has been detailed precisely to give it an overall aesthetic and unique exterior.

Adidas Grand Court Sneakers High arches

Moreover, the Cloudfoam Comfort feature in the sock liners supports every high arch player. Not only does it offer tremendous cushioning and support but eliminates the need for socks through its soft fabric lining.

Additionally, the fabric lining works well with the mesh upper to maximize breathability inside the shoe and prevent sweating. Padded collar and tongue are utilized for exceptional ankle support and protection against stains.

As the name suggests, Adidas Grand court promises a magnificent experience on the court. Either through its honeycomb threaded pattern or vulcanized rubber manufacturing in the outsole, Grand Court promises stability during intensive playing.

  • Attractive aesthetic design and colours.
  • Lace system eases its slipping in and off the ability.
  • Immense traction and stability while in use.
  • Versatile and vintage leather manufacturing.
  • Quite narrow.
  • Lacks in ankle support.

Final Words:

Through its remarkable features and comfort, Adidas Grand Court has made it in this list and the hearts of every high archer. This tennis shoe does its job quietly and lets its presence and performance make a statement for itself.

6. Vionic Aimmy Tennis Shoe For High Arches

Vionic has made a reputed name for itself through its promising products, guaranteed to enhance the playing performance. This Vionic Aimmy trainer is here to fit not only as the perfect tennis shoe but as one that outdoes its competitor in all aspects.

The exterior of this shoe adapts to every other casual and formal outwear. Its wide foot opening makes slipping in and out of Vionic Aimmy incredibly easy and effortless. Meanwhile, a Velcro patch combined with a hook and look straps keep it secure for lockdown.

Vionic Aimmy Tennis Shoe

Furthermore, the textured knit upper adds to its overall casual vibe while increasing its durability by the thick synthetic overlays on its sides. In addition to this, these overlays assist in keeping the foot secure and prevent the shoe from slipping off mid-play.

Vionic Aimmy has been acclaimed for the stability it maintains while on the court. It does so through the constructed durable rubber on the heel and forefront of the shoe only. Not only does it results in a lightweight cloud, nine feel while being worn but adds to the flexibility of Vionic’s tennis pair.

All of these features aside, why is this tennis shoe best for those with high arches? To answer this question, let us shed light on the midsole of Vionic Timmy. With an orthotic EVA footbed, the shoe increases ankle and arch support and alignment.

Along with this, the equipped Advanced Motion System makes underneath cushioning possible and contributes to the flexibility achieved on the court. Although it requires some time to get used to, once this is done, Vionic Aimmy will have you used to the ease and comfort it offers.

  • Very supportive for the ankle and arch.
  • Helps heal foot pains and knee strains.
  • Elastic straps allow for easy sliding in and out.
  • Lightweight and attractive.
  • Lacks in ventilation aspect.
  • Not suited for machine wash.

Final Words:

The functionality of Vionic Aimmy has left everyone dumbfounded and tempted to give it a shot. If you are someone who sweats a lot, you might have to miss out on the fantastic shoe designed to make playing comfortable for high arches by a high mark.

7. New Balance 577 Tennis Shoe

Seeing New Balance appear once again on this list comes as no shocker given the high rated products it comes up with their latest 577 tennis shoe is designed for every high arch excessive player and runner hoping to master their sport in no time.

To start with its solid rubber outsole, running up to the underside of the shoe. This durable material is incredibly flexible on the court and resistant to any accidental slipping. New Balance has kept every player preference in mind and made 577 feasible to various surfaces.

New Balance 577 Tennis Shoe

Meanwhile, thread pattern designed attributes to stable grip and outstanding traction. Leather upper material adds to the look of this shoe and supports the wearer.

Are you tired of having strains caused by pressure on one side? Say goodbye to this riddance with New Balance’s walking strike path feature. It balances the weight between the heel and forefront, along with guiding the user while walking in a gait cycle.

New Balance has taken durability of 577 up a notch with the dense PU sole. Although comparatively more massive, this sole does not flatten out even after excessive use and is reliable enough for long-term use. But what is it about 577 that is loved by those with high arches?

Present perforations make up for the lack of ventilation caused because of leather instead of breathable mesh upper material. Additionally, ABZORB cushioning is instantly responsive and durable. It also takes care of absorbing impacts and shocks without hindering the performance of 577.

Using the phenomena of reflection of light, New Balance 577 stands out even in negative spaces. While the lace-up system is utilized for foot securing, padded tongue and collar contribute to the comfort of the shoe and protect against accidental shoe removal.

  • Very comfortable and decently ventilated shoe.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Stable grip and traction.
  • Impact and shockproof.
  • Traction not reliable.
  • Irrationally long tongue.

Final Words:

Prone to certain drawbacks, New Balance 577 is overall a fantastic tennis shoe to support high arches and attain excellent on-court performance. More so, the affordable rate is available to make it easy to ignore the minor drawbacks of 577.

8. ASICS FuzeX Lyte 2 Tennis Shoes

ASICS has always proven to come up with something unique and thought-provoking. Their FuzeX Lyte 2 is another successful experiment assured to progress the sporting skill of any user. With its roomy toe box and narrow midfoot construction, Lyte 2 is here to prioritize ease above everything else.

You must have heard of abrasion-resistant outsoles in almost every tennis shoe. The distinguishing quality of this FuzeX is in the twice as much abrasion resistivity rubber as the traditional one. That raises the durability bar vastly of Lyte 2 Tennis shoes.

ASICS FuzeX Lyte 2 Tennis Shoes for high arches

Moreover, ASICS offers additional cushioning through the AHAR yield. With complete ground contact during toe-offs, every stride taken with Lyte 2 Tennis Shoe is energized, confident and flexible.

By achieving a blend between EVA foam and GEL cushioning, the midsole of FuzeX Lyte 2 enhances the comfort and ease offered. Its efficiency is not restricted to the shock-absorbing ability but supports stability on various court surfaces.

Additionally, its mesh upper regulates airflow in the shoe while guarding against any skin rashes or irritation. Its tongue and collar are also constructed from mesh and boost the comfort of the shoe greatly while being snug around the foot.

Although convectional, the lace-up closure system still outshines its ability to secure foot accurately and support lockdown. ASICS has undoubtedly made this product a dream-worthy one with the affordable rate it is sold at for every high arch player.

  • Snug and comfy fit.
  • Reduces shin problems.
  • Simplistic and elegant exterior.
  • Amazing cushioning to every high archer.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Tongue requires repetitive adjustment.
  • Run a few sizes smaller.

Final Words:

Once again, ASICS has succeeded in gaining user satisfaction and approval with the FuzeX Lyte 2 Tennis Shoe. It is sleekly and symmetrically designed for every player and runner aiming to master their skill and sport.

9. Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Low Shoe

Adidas has always produced a variety of products to offer the customer a product to choose from a variety. Their Pro Bounce 2019 Low is a newer edition of the original Pro Bounce Madness but made better through the latest cushioning to suit high arches.

Let us Start with the responsivity of Pro Bounce Low. Utilizing a bounce midsole, Adidas manages to accommodate high jumps while maintaining comfort easily. Meanwhile, the equipped lateral TPU overlay offers stability at all times.

Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Low Shoe

Following this, through its superb zonal herringbone design, Adidas Low Bounce has impressive traction and a firm grip on all court surfaces. Comparatively, the flexible midsole running from the front of the foot to the very back promises a comfortable and adaptable foot feel, a contrast to every player with a high arch, sick of discomfort and inconvenience.

Are you tired of skin irritation because of extensive shoe-wearing? The Adidas Low Bounce counters this problem by its true-to-size measurements and snug fit. Inclusively, lace-up collars make it lockdown secure and boost its supportability.

Furthermore, the lightweight upper mesh manufacturing of this shoe makes it well ventilated and easy on the feet. The toe cap contributes to the durability of the Low Bounce through its high abrasion. To offer the audience a variety to choose from, Adidas manufactures this athletic shoe in a range of various cool colors.
Finished with a classy design has always been a specialty of Adidas. The low-top cut design with dual-tone upper give this shoe an incredibly stylish outlook and leave everyone on court gawking at them.

  • Unbelievable traction and adaptability to different grounds.
  • Responsive and impact-proof cushioning for high arches.
  • Lightweight and well ventilated.
  • TPU barrier provides excellent ankle and arch support.
  • Incredibly cheap rate.
  • Traction is not entirely consistent.
  • Prone to heel slipping because of improper foot securing.
  • Higher lacing threads make it tighter.

Final Words:

Adidas Pro Bounce 2019 Low does everything its previous edition did but better. With the low rate, it is available at; these are the best tennis shoes for everyone with higher arches. Although their inconsistent traction might be a problem for frequent on-court players, their functionality still manages to outshine its drawbacks.


Deciding upon the best tennis shoe is a significant decision, especially for those with high arches. Knowing what helps your arch is the first pointer to notice and assess before selecting any tennis shoe.

To help you make this decision, we have selected our favorite tennis shoes for every high arch player. They not only promise exceptional performance but ensure complete ease for the customer. Now, the final decision is on you to choose the best-suited pair for your arch, court, and feet.


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