Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses – Reviews And Buyers Guide 2023

Being a nurse is not all that easy. They work 8-12 hours shifts like honestly at the end of the day family man truth is that they are exhausted as they are on their feet most of the time.

It is such a career where you spend at least half of your day walking and standing, which might cause fatigue and discomfort over time.

Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

Before with get started with the shoes, let’s put at a glance at the buying guide so that you can easily choose a pair of shoes for yourself or your loved ones.

Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

Let’s now talk about the best tennis shoes for nurses that I carefully choose while carrying out my research.

Here is a Compiled List of Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses 2023.

Image Tennis Shoes for Nurses Key Features Price
NikeCourt-Lite-Tennis-Shoes Nike Women’s Court Lite Shoe Leather construction Check Price
ASICS-Womens-Gel-Solution-Slam-3-Tennis-Shoes ASICS Women’s Gel-Solution Slam 3 Gel cushioning system Check Price
Nurse-Mates-Womens-Dove-Slip-On-Loafer Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Shoe EVA cushioning Check Price
Brooks-Levitate-2 Brooks Levitate 2 Shoe Underfoot protection Check Price
Nike-Womens-Shox-Enigma Nike Shox Enigma Shoe Shock absorption Check Price
K-SWISS-Womens-X-Lite-ST-CMF-Training-Shoe K-Swiss Women’s Training Shoe Premium footbed Check Price
Under-Armour-Womens-Charged-Assert-8 Under Armour UA-Best Women Tennis Shoe Traction and grip Check Price

1. Nike Women’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

Nike Women’s Court Lite Tennis Shoe


  • Phylon midsole
  • Mesh fabric
  • GDR rubber outsole
  • An added layer of material to the toes area
  • Durability and comfort
  • Round toe
  • Padded footbed
  • Fabric lining
  • Leather construction

Do you want something that both have a fashion sense and professional touch to it? If that is so then Nike Women’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes might be the one for you. These are designed for individuals who are a bit brand-conscious. The shoes come in incredibly soft plush padding on both the toe and heel counter for enhanced comfort, thus providing nurses with endless convenience and comfort.

The toe portion is integrated with a mesh fabric design that reduces heat and meliorates the air exchange. Besides, the sides of the shoe also comprise mesh slots that further amend the air exchanging, thus leaving your feet with a cooling effect and keeping it comfortable throughout the day. The inner sole has padding that enhances the level of comfort while eliminating the chances of pain fatigue.

Furthermore, there is a Phylon midsole between the inner and outer sole of the shoe that stretches across the full length of the shoe to provide enhanced stability in comfort while remaining feather-like in weight along with maximum cushioning.

The toe portion has been further padded with a layer of material that prevents the shoe from any sort of wear and tear. A GDR outsole prevents you from any kind of slipping over the slippery surfaces plus provides you with durable traction.

These shoes are composed of leather and mesh fabric that is extra durable and makes the shoe last longer. Also, the leather looks pretty elegant and sophisticated. With the fabric lining, you get a stylish touch.


  • Phylon midsole adds comfort and stability.
  • Having a rubber sole make it shock absorptive.
  • Additional material on the toe area for abrasion resistance.
  • The GDR outsole provides lasting traction on hard surfaces.
  • Leather and mesh upper provide breathable comfort and style.


  • For some individuals, the toe box area is too light.
  • It is challenging to fit wider feet, as the style runs narrow.

2. ASICS Women’s Gel-Solution Slam 3 Tennis Shoes


  • These shoes comprise a rubber sole.
  • A combination of textile and synthetic materials
  • High abrasion outsole
  • Gel cushioning system
  • SpEVA Midsole
  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Trusstic system technology

Are you looking for something that provides you with a healthy lifestyle in such a risky line of work? Before I get started, let’s take a moment and appreciate the hardships and efforts of all the nurses all around the world. These are very lightweight shoes designed for enhanced performance. Besides, these tennis shoes are quite popular among nurses.

The sole reason behind their fame is their lightweight, flexibility, and lower price tag comparatively. Along with being lightweight, these are also very comfortable. It is featured with an AHAR outsole that is placed in the most critical portions of the outsole for exceptional and splendid durability. AHAR is an acronym for ASICS High Abrasion Rubber.

The unique GEL Cushioning System in the forefoot eliminates unnecessary shock and absorbs them at the time of the impact. Since the nurses have to walk and run here and there on hard and rigid surfaces, so notably they need such technologies more than any other individual. Moreover, the synthetic leather upper is pretty easy to clean.

Another thing about leathers is that they are durable and lightweight. So they last longer and are quite flexible than any other synthetic stuff. The mesh sides make it possible for the proper exchange of air to keep the feet cool and comfy.

The SpEVA Midsole Material improves the rebound characteristics of the shoes and decreases or eliminates the chances of the breakdown of the sole. These are low-profile sole shoes. With enhanced cushioning, they also provide torsional stability.

And even with the Trusstic System Technology, the total weight of the sole is reduced while the structural incorporation of the shoe is retained. Comparatively, the price of this pair is a bit low than other competing products in the market.


  • These shoes can be easily cleaned.
    Pretty lightweight.
  • Multiple technologies that aid in the comfort of nurses.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Low-profile sole.
  • Provides torsional stability.
  • Flexible and pretty


  • The lateral stability support is not as enhanced as in any other shoes.

3. Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafer

Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafer


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable
  • EVA cushioning
  • Removable footbed

As you all know, nurses live in such an environment where there are spills and liquids all of the time. Their uniform, along with their shoe, might get messy. They need something that is stain-resistant and doesn’t quickly get dirty. So what could be a better option than buying a pair of Nurse Mate Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafer?

Yes, this product features a pretty unique and classic design with amazing features that help to aid quite a lot to its combination of comfort, flexibility, and overall worth. These are a classic slip-on nursing clog. These are very much comfortable, have a professional touch, and as it is made up of leather, it is very much durable.

You can see that many such kinds of shoes in the market are a bit heavier comparatively. But these are ultra-light and are quite flexible. You won’t feel any sort of discomfort while having them on all day long.
One thing that amazes me the most is its stain-resistant technology. These shoes are featured with stain-resistant technology, so if you ever spill something over your shoes or get your shoe in something, it would not get stained.

Furthermore, these are very low-profile clogs with a total heel height of 1.5 inches. They also have leather uppers. The exciting thing is that these days almost every shoe is made up of leather, and the reason behind that is that leather is durable and lightweight.

It would not wear off quickly or easily. The outsoles have rubber inserts that are slip-resistant and help to wear the clogs for a long time. The composite shanks provide stability during the walking motion.

The removable footbed is contoured to cradle the foot, thus preventing you from any sort of foot pain or discomfort. The EVA cushioning provides more comfort and stability to the feet while standing or walking.


  • It is stain-resistant.
  • Feather-like in weight.
  • It has a non-slip rubber.
  • Specially designed for work at the clinic.
  • It is featured with EVA cushioning.


  • A limited amount of colours.
  • The design is pretty straightforward.
  • Individuals with wider feet might find them uncomfortable.

4. Brooks Levitate 2 Tennis Shoe

Being on your feet for a 12-hour shift is a nightmare for folks like me. You need something incredibly supportive and very comfortable to get you through the change. Nothing can be more supportive and comforting than the Brooks Levitate 2. They are running sneakers, specially designed for runners while keeping in mind the runner’s comfort.

Brooks Levitate 2 Tennis Shoe


  • Softness
  • Flexibility
  • Upper support
  • Energy return
  • Underfoot protection

Being on your feet for a 12-hour shift is a nightmare for folks like me. You need something incredibly supportive and very comfortable to get you through the change. Nothing can be more supportive and comforting than the Brooks Levitate 2. They are running sneakers, specially designed for runners while keeping in mind the runner’s comfort.

Also, these are high energy road shoe. It has a delightful design because I had a pair of these in use last year. They were very much comfortable. It had a fantastic fit that felt nice. When I used to go out running, I would put them on, and as I would start running, I could feel that the midsole was exceptionally responsive, damping the shocks and providing some excellent cushioning.

The midsole is made of polyurethane, which has quite some strength. They come in a variety of colors, so you have a lot of colors while you are planning on getting a pair for yourself. Besides, the shoe is noticeably chubby, and it only gets more massive as it gets wet. This heavyweight is quite an issue. Although it looks light, it is heavy.

Some of the features that I liked were that they were versatile, had comfortable firm cushioning, which is the sole reason behind its responsive behavior. Furthermore, the heel collar is pretty soft, and it is prone to rubbing, which is mainly caused by the flawed lacing system. Having a soft knit upper makes it quite flexible and comfy. It provides you with a stable feel while walking or running.

Moreover, the built quality seemed well-enough and exceptionally durable. The sole was also pretty stable, and the same goes for the upper. The sole is suitable for dry surfaces, but when it comes to a wet surface; it does not help a lot.


  • Lots of bounce.
  • Stable feel.
  • Soft knit upper.
  • Great Protection.


  • Not the softest cushioning
  • Slightly heavy
  • Breathability is not very great.

5. Nike Shox Enigma Women’s Shoe

Nike Women's Running Shoe


  • Comfort Style
  • Cost and value
  • Shock absorption
  • Grippy outsole

Proper support and impact absorption are a must when you are on your feet all day long. The Nike Shox Enigma is the one for you. This product has a mesh upper for maximum breathability. The upper mesh comprises of leather cut-outs overlay.

This leather cut-out overlay and TPU logo give it a modern look. It has comfort-boosting high-impact sole units, which make them the best option for all day extended use. These are mainly designed to be ultra-lightweight. The Nike Shox cushioning very technically absorbs impact at the heel and transfers it to the forefoot.

The circular outsole is made up of pure rubber and this textured outsole aid to the comfortability of the shoes. The new and elegant lacing system creates a more secure fit. The twin plates with foam cushioning, present under the heel provide a better Shox comfort and style. The grip on heel and toe aids for easy on and off.


  • Very comfortable.
  • These are lightweight.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Twin plates technology.
  • The Nike Shox provide more comfort while you are in contact with the surface.


  • The fitting might be too tight for many people.
  • Limited colours.

6. K-Swiss Women’s X Lite ST CMF Training Shoe

K-SWISS Women's X Lite ST CMF Training Shoe


  • Leather upper
  • Premium footbed
  • Mid-top
  • Lace lining
  • EVA midsole

Looking for a pair helps you through the day? The K-Swiss women’s Training Shoes are for those who have a highly active work lifestyle. These shoes have an elegant design and an upper leather stitch detailing. The insole is a high-quality foam footbed that helps lower stress and provides a comfortable training experience.

The toe and heel provide extra cushioning of soft lining to provide an enjoyable fit. The outsole is relatively thicker uniquely designed with a dense rubber traction pattern, which prevents from slipping injuries and offers an excellent shock absorption at the time of impact. It is also featured with EVA midsole to enhance support and eliminate torsion when turning.

These are very lightweight with an elegant design that appeals the naked eye. They also have a reasonable price which is relatively better than many of the competing products in the market. The upper mesh enhances the air exchange, which leaves your feet with a cooling effect. These are flexible too, and their flexibility makes them pretty comfy.

Due to the leather overlay, the shoes are very much durable and can last for a long time without any wear or tear. They also have a non-marking sole. A busy schedule can make you extremely tired and might cause pain in your feet and lower back. These shoes offer support and stability that prevents all sort of problem, whether it is the lower back or your feet.

They lack variety in colour. I have heard people complaining about having only a couple of colours in this shoe design. This can be considered a drawback. They only come in two colours, which are black and white. The white colour also gives a professional taste.

Black is also a sophisticated colour and can be matched with a variety of outfits, but people need many other colours that they desire for. If you want something that looks elegant and can be easily put on, then you should try a pair of these. This product has an ultra-level of comfort that you will find nowhere else.


  • The lightest shoes in the brand’s history.
  • They offer generous support.
  • Extra midsole cushioning.
  • Energy return.
  • High-density rubber outsole.
  • Terrific traction and durability.


  • These are hard to get on and off or tie.
  • Available in only two colours, black and white.

7. Under Armour Charged Assert 9 UA-Best Women Tennis Shoe

Under Armour Women's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe


  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight
  • Traction and grip
  • Breathable
  • Flexible

If you are a nurse and reading my blog, I will honestly tell you to grab a pair of Under Armour UA-Best Women Tennis Shoe. I would recommend this to each nurse out there. These are incredibly lightweight, and the sole reason behind their ultra-lightweight is that they are humanmade and secondly; they are made of 100% fabric which makes them very feather-like in weight and flexible.

The upper mesh makes them breathable, thus maximising the air exchange, which in return keeps your feet cool and comfortable. Like many other competing products in the market, these have got a rubber sole which enhances traction and grip, thus preventing you from any sort of injury.

This product has a soft inner sole that prevents your feet from any kind of pain or fatigue. The footbed is padded with such cushioning that you can stay in these shoes all day long without getting tired or experiencing any type of problem. Last year, I bought a pair of these for my sister, who is a nurse.

According to her, these were very comfortable and flexible. But the main issue with these shoes was that the colour would come off after a passage of time. These shoes might be right, but another thing is that it has been experienced by a lot of users, including my sister, which the sizes which fit perfectly of the other shoes are not fitting when wearing the same size as these. There might be issues for some folks, but others seem quite satisfied.

So if you want to go in for comfort only, then these are the best choice you can go with. They provide perfect wear for anyone. They also have a very reasonable price, which makes them easily affordable.


  • These are very much comfortable.
  • These are ultra-lightweight
  • Rubber sole provides excellent traction and firm grip to prevent any sort of slipping injury.
  • This price is quite reasonable, which makes it affordable.
  • Upper mesh makes it breathable and flexible.


  • Not all sizes fit well.
  • After being used for some time, the colour comes off.

Benefits of a Quality Pair of Nursing Shoes

  • Reduced foot pain
  • Prevent spinal issues
  • Less low back pain
  • Aids in balance
  • Lowers stress
  • Eliminates discomfort

What to look for when purchasing tennis shoes for nurses?


As the nurses have to walk and stand all day long, they require something that puts less weight on their feet. Walking in more massive shoes for a long time might cause discomfort and to deal with this problem, many manufacturing businesses came up with lightweight shoes specially designed for nurses.


Working in such areas with such heavy machinery certainly might prove hazardous. It can potentially fall on your feet, thus hurting you badly. So you need to look for shoes that provide maximum protection.

Slip Resistant:

In a nursing environment, you will find liquids and spills all around you. And before you encounter any slip injury, let’s buy you a slip-resistant pair. Since such slip-resistant shoes can prevent you from damages, you should consider this feature before you get in there to grab a pair for yourself.

Insole Material:

Insole plays an essential role in supporting and providing stability to your feet. So you should get a shoe that has an insole made of gel, foam, or designed by arch support. The excellent quality insole reduces stress on the lower part of the body.

Splendid Arch Support:

Walking around and standing all the time doesn’t seem very comforting. It can cause fatigue and pain. But with excellent arch support, the shoes might prove heavenly for the user, thus reducing discomfort.

Top-notch Quality:

Nurses are on duty all day long and almost every day. They need shoes that are durable and can last long. What could be a better option than considering leather? Leather is always the best choice when it comes to durability. Besides, it is lightweight and breathable, so adding more comfort to your comfort level.

Shock Absorption:

Good nursing shoes with a thick rubber outsole minimise and absorb harmful shocks from the ground up, thus preventing you from unnecessary discomfort.

Type of Feet:

One of the things that you need to consider before looking for a new pair of shoes is your own feet. I know it sounds a bit silly because it is your feet and you have been walking with them for a while now, but you need to understand your type of feet. You have to see whether they are flat or broad, are they over-arched or you distribute weight on them differently. So you need to understand what your feet need to be comfortable.


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