Do Keen Shoes Run Small? (Our Experience with Keen Shoes)

Are you considering buying a pair of Keen shoes but worried that they might run small?

You’re not alone! Many people struggle to find the right fit when it comes to Keen shoes, which is why we decided to write this blog post about our experience with them.

Do Keen Shoes Run Small

Here, we’ll provide an honest review of Keen shoes and explain do keen shoes run small, how they fit, and other tips so you can make an informed decision on your next purchase.

Do Keen Shoes Run Small?

When it comes to Keen shoes, a lot of people wonder if they run small. And the answer to that question is…it depends.

Keen makes shoes for a variety of different foot types, so some shoes may run small while others may not. If you’re not sure if Keen makes shoes in your size, you can always check their website or contact their customer service department for more information.

Generally speaking, Keen shoes tend to run true to size. However, if you have a particularly wide or narrow foot, you may want to order a half size or size up.

Keen Shoe Review (Based On Our Experience)

We have had a pair of Keen shoes for over two years, and we have put them through some tough tests. Here is our review of the Keen shoes based on our experience.

The first thing we noticed about the shoes was their great fit. They were extremely comfortable and provided good support, which is important when hiking or running. The shoes were also very stylish and looked great with both casual and more formal outfits.

Another thing we liked about the shoes was their durability. They seemed to be very well-made and held up well against wear and tear. We also appreciated the fact that they were waterproof, which came in handy during our many outdoor adventures.

Overall, we would definitely recommend the Keen shoes to others and would purchase them again in the future.

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Do Keen Shoes Run True To Size?

Do keen boots run true to size? This question doesn’t have a straightforward answer. In general, Keen shoes tend to run true to size. However, there are a few exceptions. For instance, some of Keen’s narrower styles might run a bit small, while their wider offerings might run a bit large.

So, before purchasing a pair of Keen shoes, it’s always a good idea to measure your foot and compare those dimensions to the sizing chart on Keen’s website.

That said, most Keen shoes are pretty true to size. I’ve never had a problem with them being too small or too large. They’ve always been a perfect fit. 

What Are Other People Saying About Keen Shoes?

What Makes Keen Shoes Unique?

There are several things that make Keen shoes unique. One is their durability. They are made to last longer than most other brands on the market. Another is their comfort.

They are designed to be comfortable even when you are standing or walking for long periods of time. And finally, they have a great look. They offer a variety of styles that are both trendy and classic.

Where Are Keen Shoes Made?

Keen shoes are made in Portland, Oregon, USA. The company was founded in 2003 by Martin Keen and his wife, Rory. They were looking for a better shoe that would be good for running and hiking, and they couldn’t find anything on the market that met their needs, so they decided to make their own shoes.

How Do I Know My Keen Shoe Size?

There are two main ways to figure out your Keen shoe size. The first is to measure your feet simply, and the second is to use a size chart.

To measure your feet, you will need a few things. Please get a piece of paper and pencil before continuing. Trace around your foot onto the paper, making sure to keep the pencil as straight as possible. Once you have drawn your outline, use a ruler to measure the length and width of your foot.

Once you have your measurements, you can consult a Keen size chart. These can be found online or at a Keen retailer. Size charts usually list both U.S. and European sizes, so make sure to find the right one for the country you are shopping in.

The Things To Consider In Buying Keen Footwear

There are several factors to consider before purchasing Keen footwear. The following is a list of things to look for when making a Keen purchase:


Keen shoes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to try on a Keen shoe to ensure a good fit.


Keen shoes are available in a variety of sizes. It is important to try on a Keen shoe to ensure a good fit.


Keen shoes are available in a variety of styles. It is important to select a style that is comfortable and stylish.


Keen shoes are available at a variety of price points. It is important to select an affordable shoe.


Keen shoes are made with a variety of materials. It is important to select a shoe that is made with high-quality materials.

Keen Shoe Sizing Chart

Keen Shoe Sizing Chart
Keen Shoe Sizing Chart womens
Keen Shoe Sizing Chart kids

What Can You Do If Your Keen Shoes Don’t Fit?

If your Keen shoes don’t fit, you have a few different options. You can try to return them to the store, adjust them, or find a different pair of shoes that fit better.

If you’re within the store’s return policy, you can return the shoes and get a refund. If you bought the shoes online, you might be able to return them, but you may also have to pay for shipping.

If the shoes are too big, you can adjust them by adding or removing the insoles also, and you can shrink shoes. If the shoes are too small, you can try stretching them. You can also loosen or tighten the laces as needed.

Are Keen Shoes Really Worth The Money, In The Long Run?

Keen shoes often come to mind when investing in a good pair of shoes. They are well-known for their quality, durability, and comfort. But are they really worth the money in the long run?

Well, Keen shoes tend to be on the more expensive side, but they often last six months to one year, which is significantly longer than most other brands. And unlike other brands, Keen shoes can be repaired so that you can get even more wear out of them.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Keen Shoes?

keen shoes



  • Comfortable. 
  • Many people find Keens very comfortable, even after wearing them all day.
  • Stylish. 
  • Keen shoes come in various styles, so you can find a pair that suits your taste.
  • Durable. 
  • Keen shoes are built to last, so you won’t have to replace them as often as you might other shoes.
  • Expensive. 
  • Keen shoes can be on the pricey side, so be prepared to spend a bit more for a pair.
  • Limited selection. 
  • Not all retailers carry keen shoes, so you may have to shop for a pair.

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Should I Size Up Or Down When Purchasing Keen Shoes?

Its recommended going up 1/2 size from your standard shoe size when purchasing Keen shoes. This is because Keen shoes tend to run slightly small and do not have much give in them. Therefore, if you go up 1/2 size, you will be more likely to have a comfortable fit that is not too tight.


Are Keen Shoes Wide?

The width of Keen shoes will depend on the model that you get. However, they run a little bit wide. But generally the run true to size in most cases.

Are Keen Shoes Comfortable?

They are very comfortable. I have been wearing them for a couple of months now and have not faced any discomfort. I can walk for hours in these shoes without any discomfort. 

How To Determine Keen Size?

If you are shopping online, you can use a sizing chart. This size guide will give you a better idea of what size to order.

Another way to determine your size is to measure your foot. You can do this by tracing your foot outline on a piece of paper. Then, measure the distance from the heel to the toe.

Are Keens Good For Your Feet?

It depends on individual foot anatomy and preferences. However, many people find that Keens are very comfortable and supportive shoes and can help improve foot health in the long run.

The Verdict:

It is difficult to say do keen shoes run small, big or true to size. Some people seem to find that they do, while others do not. But most of the time, they run true to size. It may be worth trying a pair of Keen shoes in a store before purchasing them to see if they fit well.


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