Best Tennis Shoes For Ankle Support (Updated April 2023)

If you love tennis and have ankle issues then it is very unfortunate, to say the least. To overcome this we can certainly use some specialized tennis shoes for ankle support.

So, if you are wondering about what are the best tennis shoes for ankle support?

Then here is the answer. but first, check the factors before buying the best ankle support tennis shoes.

Factors To Check Before Buying Best Tennis Shoes For Ankle Support

Before you get to choose your perfect fit, it’s crucial to recognize your needs first. I included this section because a lot of our buddies aren’t well aware of certain “defining qualities”, consequently ending up buying types of tennis shoes that are utterly useless when it comes to ankle support.

Moreover, while compiling my list for the best tennis shoes for ankle support, I keenly looked into certain factors that I would love to share, as these might be your key points while making a choice. After all, a comfortable tennis shoe is nothing less than a career saver for people coping with a condition:

Mid or High-top? Which one’s ideal?

If you have been suffering from severe ankle pain in the past, I wouldn’t recommend going for mid-top shoes, and quite a valid reason. They don’t provide the necessary comfort and cushioning required for proper ankle support, therefore even worsening your condition due to the hard feel.

On the contrary, if we have a look at the high-top shoes, they are relatively bulky. However, it’s this bulkiness that ensures adequate ankle support. And guess what, that too, in a style.

The only drawback with high-top shoes is the restriction in movement, which in my opinion, still is something I would prefer over severe pain on the tennis court.

Although both have their drawbacks and benefits, choosing the perfect fit is a choice highly personal. If you are an avid tennis player who doesn’t have any history of severe ankle pain, going for the mid-top will be highly preferable, as they provide adequate support as well as great movements. Nevertheless, the High-top is better if you have been continually facing severe pain and twists.

Does material matter?

To be quite frank, Yes it does! The material of a shoe pair highly affects the feel, while also acting as an important factor in pricing. On a basic level, there are three types of shoe materials; leather, textile, and plastic.

In terms of quality and feel, leather shoes stay at the top, that too with great breathability. However, if you are more like a style geek, go for the textile ones. Though they come at a slightly expensive price, their feel and comfort are unmatchable. Just do one favor to yourself, keep them away from water.

Lastly, comes the synthetic shoes. They are cheap, they are lightweight, but oftentimes, they are inferior in quality. If you prefer both quality and style, the synthetic hybrids have also been sizzling up the games lately, that too with incredible ankle support. And oh! They come for an affordable price; a cherry on the top.

Durability and Quality

It’s no good if it doesn’t last. Therefore, it’s necessary to go for options that have the ability not only to last but to resist the wear and tears even if exposed to the harshest conditions. Remember, although the quality of a model is often associated with a brand, it isn’t always the case.

Something from Mr. Jojo’s shop (oh that’s a made-up name by the way :)) can be better than the other thing you will get from Adidas or Nike. Make sure you thoroughly examine the model’s material and build before risking your money for it.

Style and Design

Let me clarify one thing here; style and design are two completely different things that shouldn’t be mistaken for a single word. Nevertheless, it is crucial to pick a pair that doesn’t only look good on the outside but is equally good on the inside. A stylish shoe will complement your look, but a well-designed one will elevate your experience, especially for those with ankle pain issues. If I was to choose, I would go for the second one.

Best Tennis Shoes For Ankle Support

Now that you know everything, let’s tell you about some of the best tennis shoes for ankle support, that perfectly justify all those defining factors I mentioned earlier. Hope you find your perfect tennis buddy!


Here are the best tennis shoes for ankle support in 2023.

Image Name Features Price
ASICS GEL Kayano 26 Running Shoes Comfortable Check Price
Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 20 Versatile Check Price
New Balance Women's 940 V4 Great support Check Price
Danner Men’s Kinetic 8” Solid Check Price
Under Armour Lockdown 2 Men’s Shoe Incredibly comfortable Check Price
KEEN Men’s Target II Long Lasting Check Price
ASICS Men’s GT-2000 6 High Quality Check Price
Image Name Features Price
New Balance Fresh Foam Soft Feel Check Price
New Balance Women’s WR905 NBX Best Grip Check Price
RYKA Women’s Tenacity Unique Style Check Price

1. ASICS GEL Kayano 26 Running Shoes

Remember when I mentioned Hybrid shoes earlier? Asics Gel Kayano 26 running shoe model is one of those. Comfortable, premium quality, and incredible ankle support, it is something out of dreams for an Achilles tendonitis patient. From looks to features, and everything in between, you are going to love this shoe pair.

ASICS GEL Kayano 26 Running Shoes

Moving on to the main features that place it as our top pick for the best tennis shoes for ankle support, well, they are quite a few. The first thing we instantly get to see is the stylish, synthetic, and mesh upper sole that gives it a pleasing look at the address. Moreover, the rubber sole makes sure you have a soft feel from the downside, that too with high durability.

Another great thing ASICS has done great with this model is the inclusion of the Impact Guidance System (also abbreviated as I.G.S).

To tell you in simple words, it has a huge and enhancing impact on the foot’s natural gait, no matter if it’s heel strike or toe-off. Not to forget the SpevaFoam 45 lasting material for an incredibly tender feel and unmatchable comfort.

The midsole of these shoes is composed of organic nano-fibers; a lightweight, soft material for extreme and continuous cushioning during each movement.

Meanwhile, Asics’ very own FlyteFoam propel technology is yet another innovation that provides exceptional bounce. This is due to the inclusion of an elastomer compound that gives you the extra push you always need on the tennis court.

There’s also a DuoMax support system for enhanced support and a bit more-than-average stability that a tennis player always needs. All these features when combined with the low-top design make it one of the best tennis shoes for ankle support; especially if you are going through a condition. Moreover, flat-footed people can equally take advantage of it, but not as good as we would find in a high-top one.



  • Excellent ankle support
  • Great for running
  • Comfortable
  • Exceptional stability
  • Best shoes for tennis
  • Might be uncomfortable for regular feet


The reason for listing the Asics GEL Kayano 26 Running Shoes on the top of our list is that the GEL Kayano 26 meets all the requirements for ankle support. It gives excellent ankle support with great comfort and exceptional stability.

2. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 20

Not quite a reputed name in the shoe industry right? But guess what, this model from Brooks ticks every box that it takes to be the best tennis shoes for ankle support, let alone be the beautiful aesthetics. The blend of modern technologies makes it even better.

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 20

But before you proceed through the review, let it be known that these shoes are a bit expensive compared to the aforementioned, so make sure you’re good in pockets.

Talking of the features which makes it a perfect tennis partner, the first thing we get to see is perfect support and cushioning. Moreover, since these shoes are hybrid, you will get the comfort of mesh, while the flexibility of synthetic rubber, both making it a light-weight, high-quality model among its peers.

Meanwhile, it provides the most astonishing stability you will ever feel, making it an ideal pair for sports like tennis, but with a bit of extra mambo-jumbos. You can also use it for running. Another thing I like about this model is its low-profile, less bulky design purely based on minimalist ideas. This allows the player to move like a breeze; almost a weightless feel!

All in all, an ideal choice for those with flat feet, relatively high midsole, and stock height, that too with great cushioning for a soft, comfortable experience. You will love everything about it. That’s for sure!



  • Amazing support
  • Great for flat feet
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Different sizes
  • Versatile
  • Some people had durability concerns


Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 20 is also one of the best ankle support shoes available in the market. This shoe is versatile and gives amazing support. It’s best for flat feet moreover the shoe is lightweight and provides great comfort.

3. New Balance Women’s 940 V4 Running Shoe

New Balance is a brand well known in the shoe industry. Just name the category, and they will have something in stock for you. And flat feet shoes are no exception. When it comes to the best tennis shoes for ankle support, they are nowhere behind any giant you can name.

New Balance Women's 940 V4 Running Shoe

If you are a woman with flat feet, the New Balance Women’s 940 V4 Running Shoe can prove to be an absolute blessing for you, with every awesome feature you would require on the golf course.

Due to the synthetic construction, these shoes are extremely lightweight and comfortable. However, where this feature brings it to the top of the chart, it also turns out to be its biggest drawback that genuinely raises questions on its durability. However, apart from that, there’s nothing to dislike about it.

The sole of these shoes is made of rubber that not only gives a soft feel while walking but is also extremely adaptable to any surface. Moreover, the elevated midsole provides some extra support. In simple words, a highly recommended model for every female flat feet tennis player out there. Just what I would call the best womens tennis shoes for everyone!



  • Provides great ankle support
  • Comfortable feel
  • Fits almost anyone
  • Not so stylish
  • Durability issues


I kept every aspect in check before selecting my top best shoes for ankle support. Customer reviews, shoe quality, and the ability to cope with problems faced by flat feet tennis players, everything about the aforementioned ones are right on spot. Get the one that suits you. You are going to love how they are going to elevate your performance!

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4. Vans SK8 -Hi Core Classic Shoes

These iconic high-top Vans stand the test of time in not only appeal and endurance, but also in providing the most satisfying fit for all dimensions of foot types. This fitness quality comes with the added spark of active comfort, and a relatively considerate price, that we found to be the distinguishing feature tennis shoes often lack, making the Vans SK8 – Hi our top pick for tennis shoes with ankle support.

Vans Unisex-Adult Sk8

Construction and Design

Possessing exceptional high-top design, these Vans took a daringly simple outer design approach, with a suede and canvas pattern that radiates old-school vibes. These ankle support shoes are integrated with an enhanced-friction outsole that strengthens your grip, reducing the risk of slip-ups.

What makes the SK8- Hi truly stand out are the re-enhanced toecaps and padding on the collar, as they multiply your steadiness and comfort while allowing for limited stationary stances, which are the main concern in preventing ankle damage.

Cloaking the shoes in an additional layer of support is a tough canvas that places a final touch of security for prolonged use.


The high-top structure of SK8-Hi considerably decreased foot inversion, which, as countless studies suggest, is a crucial cause behind ankle sprains.

Although this may sound restrictive to players, lowered accidental foot inversion actually boosted the stability during landing jumps, and made intentional feet rotation, while in contact with the ground, much easier.

Moreover, these ankle support shoes proved to fit splendidly with our diversely body-shaped testers, and fitness is key to preventing ankle strain. So if you struggle to discover a fit in dynamic sizes of tennis shoes, then these Classics are your go-to footwear.

The feet became less prone to injury due to the SK8-Hi’s attention to enfolding itself around the skin, which is why the Vans excelled in performance compared to other shoes.



  • Practical Canvas Covering
  • Classic high-top design,
  • Better toe area support
  • Intricate padding lining the collars
  • Sticky outsole to increase friction
  • Limitation to using the Vans-defined lacing pattern
  • Longer Adjustment period for players not accustomed to Vans design


In the end, regardless of the slight adjustment period some tennis players may have to face, the Vans SK8-Hi Core Classics come out on top with their practically simple look, focus on fitness and comfort, and a promise to keep your ankle secure from injury. Definitely, one of the best tennis shoes for ankle support.

5. Danner Men’s Kinetic 8” GTX Uniform Boot

Danner is known for its ultra-durable shoes, and the Kinetic 8’’ GTX Uniform boots are no different when it comes to guarding the feet against injury. Handmade by a skilled group of craftsmen, these boots provide all the things you need in shoes for weak ankles.

Danner Men’s Kinetic 8” GTX Uniform Boot

Construction & Material

The Kinetic 8’’ boot’s outsole is structured as multiple directional low lugs, which is perfect for increased surface contact.

The front and outer surface of these high ankle tennis are stitched from abrasion-resistant ripstop, combined with high-quality leather that’s lighter than most mainstream shoes you find today. A unique feature built into the boot is the side-zip that locks partially and improves balance.

If you are worried about extreme weather conditions, then the Kinetic 8’’s water-proof liner, engineered with spacious GORE-TEX and extensive polyurethane soling, mid and foot included, will maintain a satisfying level of dryness and fit.

Unlike the Vans SK8 however, this high ankle tennis boot provides the full lace-up capability to ensure enhanced traction and agile movements.

A nylon shank installed in the boot is another fine choice by the constructors, increasing cushioning.


The superior outsole of Danner Kinetic 8’’ demonstrated exceptional acceleration during testing, and as a complement to the quick footwork of tennis players.

This feature prevented unnecessary foot rotation, replacing the need for heavy force to jumpstart across the court. Due to the nylon shank, the Boot is highly spacious and easy to rest your feet in, which gives your ankle sufficient time for recovery during intensive gameplay.

There is also a clear traction benefit in the full-grain leather bracing the Danner shoe. Slipping and sliding on wet/glassy surfaces are reduced.

We also found the leather to be easily polished. If you intend to wear these tennis shoes for an extended period of time, then the anti-wear properties of the Danner leather are perfect for you. And that’s one of the reasons for picking it in our list of best tennis shoes for ankle support.

Not only does the smart design of these ankle tennis shoes keep them looking brand-new, but it also escalates the ankle balance when you jump laterally across the court. So you have a lesser chance of toppling over or missing the ground with your heel, which ensures greater ankle safety.

The Danner Kinetic 8’’ also involves stress management to lighten the weight tennis shoe placed on your ankle. Since its grainy leather is purposefully chosen for endurance, the boot can resist quick shifts instances and bursts of contact with the ground.

We found this property to significantly decrease the “feeling” of heaviness most players encounter in tennis games, as the boot appears to merge with your feet and presents a little challenge in movement.

Keep in mind, though, that proper size selection is a prerequisite if you wish to explore the full benefits of the Danner Kinetic 8’’, and if you shy away from heavier boots, then this Danner piece may restrict you at first.

However, if you are focused purely on ankle support, the unconventional weight is actually a brilliant element because the heavy boot grants the player a magnified balance and stability. So, it’s definitely one of the best tennis shoes for weak ankles.



  • Polyurethane soling for sufficient space
  • Boosted quick-burst acceleration
  • Prolonged durability
  • Abrasion-resistant materials
  • Side-zip for easier fitting/wearing
  • Completely water-proof
  • Occasional sweat accumulation
  • Limited insulation against extreme temperatures


The Danner Kinetic 8’’, combining its handcrafted leather model with the attention to soling details, carries an excellent wardrobe of comfort, traction, balance, and stability, which is sure to protect your ankle without compromising tennis essentials.

6. Under Armour Lockdown 2 Men’s Shoe

The Lockdown 2 shoes are an ideal blend of comfort and appeal, forged within the classic UA style. Among the rows of the best shoes for ankle support, this pair shines with its large comfort index and responsiveness factor.

Under Armour Lockdown 2 Men’s Shoe

Construction & Material

These high-top tennis shoes for ankle support possess a military-themed, slender leather-top that extends into a zig-zag patterned rubber outsole for greater resilience. It is made from entirely synthetic textiles, shaped into a back overlay and robust tongue for breathability and support.

Fitness and grip in this shoe are strengthened by the intelligent shaft structure, which curves into a graceful yet steady arch and maintains the shoe’s structural integrity.

The ankle covering of these ankle support shoes is collared with high-cut fabric to maximize support and comfort. If you prefer a sleek design, then the UA’s simplistic color palette (black & white) and logo patch will certainly appeal to you. With slim inner padding made of synthetic textiles, the shoe is highly flexible.


The UA Lockdown 2 turned out to be as comfortable as it is beautiful. Its textile reinforcements surrounding the feet efficiently relax the foot muscles, whereas the mesh tongue and collar hold your feet in a gentle embrace.

For older players or athletes with weaker muscles, the UA Lockdown 2 is a great way to improve blood flow in the ankle while engaging in some fast-paced tennis action.

Even considering the masterful material support, the most impressive feature of this best ankle support sneaker remains its untethered flexibility. The shoe allows your foot to easily stretch and swerve, without inhibiting your athletic instincts, which we believe is essential for preventing ankle injury.

Furthermore, the Lockdown 2 is highly responsive, especially to quick jabs and jumps, so it can grant you improved agility in the court.

Although the inner padding in the shoe is slim, the synthetic material makes it sturdy and sufficient for shock absorption, so you don’t need to worry about long jumps or sudden surface contact.

We also discovered that the UA lockdown 2 favors athletes with wider feet due to its uniform inner padding and low-set covering. This doesn’t practically impose any barrier for slim footed players since the textile reinforcements move inwards automatically if not pressured, but it can be a source of additional support if you possess a wider ankle frame.

It’s easy to keep these ankle support shoes clean, as its fabric outing and herringbone soles naturally dispel dust and make polishing much easier.

Wearing the Lockdown 2, it’s apparent that great attention to detail was dispensed in their construction. There is enough room in the ankle collar to make braces feel relatively comfortable, so in case you sprain your ankle during a tennis match, wearing braces would not be a challenge with these shoes.



  • 100% Synthetic textile structure
  • Netting tongue for greater breathability
  • Support for wider feet
  • Sufficient room for braces
  • Protective ankle collar
  • Unbridged gap in lacing
  • Slim inner padding


The graceful textile body of Lockdown 2, and the various supportive pads and collars framing its structure make this Under Armour creation truly unique footwear for ankle support.

Comfort and flexibility are the strongest features of these best shoes for bad ankles, which makes them a top consideration for ankle health as well as tennis capability, so if you do not mind a simple, sleek design, then these shoes are ideal for you!

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7. KEEN Men’s Target II Hiking Boots For Ankle Support

The spectacular new Target 2 boots are a sports engineering marvel, and KEEN has certainly outdone itself producing one of the most durable shoes you will ever wear.

Although these boots are made for hiking, curved, sturdy design and sheer leather strength make them the best shoes with ankle support.

Construction & Material

Keen’s Target 2 boots are cloaked from front to end in Nubuck Leather. The seamless joints, enforced with unyielding adhesives, make the shoes 100% waterproof. Further strengthening the boot structure is the lugged outsole with a distinct, stripes and spikes pattern encrusted onto it. The sole is made from rubber and latched protectively onto the bottom.

These high-op ankle support shoes boast a smooth arch rising from the heel and an ESS shank for greater stability. What makes the boot particularly resilient is the signature Keen Dry membrane pasted onto the upper leather covering.

Not only does the membrane amplify water resistance, but it also clears a pathway for air and breathability near the feet.

The leatherback of the ankle support boot is padded and stitched to the heel to prevent sole separation. Ghillie lacing wounds atop the Target 2’s padded tongue, both of which improve fit and comfort. Keen’s iconic brown and black design, with a radiating sense of ruggedness, makes these boots truly handsome to behold.


When it comes to the aggressiveness of the outsole, the Target 2 boots have no rival. The violent lugs beneath the boots maximize grip on all types of terrain, so you will never have to worry about slipping or sliding during swift tennis moves. This feature counters common ankle sprains and twists.

One can feel the boots clutching the ground each time one makes contact with the surface, which maximizes lower limb support, and thus springing forward or accelerating is made refreshingly easy. That is why it is one of the best men’s tennis shoes for ankle support.

Since most of the upper cover of the Target 2 is leather-based and padded, the boots extend heightened comfort to your feet, and a sense of breathability is established while playing tennis. We found the boot opening to be considerably larger than most tennis shoes, so slipping the Keens on is easy and does not place unnecessary pressure on the ankle.

The prime trait of the Target 2 boots is their durability and endurance. We tested the boots for an extended period of time, and it is likely that they will not wear or tear for at least a year of moderate tennis play.

This is an envious quality of these best shoes with ankle support, especially considering their low price since most tennis shoes do not last beyond 3-6 months of moderate usage.

What makes the Target 2s ideal for ankle support, however, is not only their leather-induced comfort but also their wide toe compartment and the strategic positing of the lacing eyes.

Both of these qualities merge to enable easier movements of the feet during intense tennis games, as your feet have enough space to spread out and avoid being strained against the leather.



  • Heightened durability and endurance
  • 100% water-proof leather covering
  • Excellent surface grip
  • Expanded control over traction
  • Spacious toe area
  • Relatively heavy weight (493.3 g)
  • Mismatched size labels (-0.5 difference)


It’s clear that the Target 2’s promised resilience and all-around support for the feet are ultimate qualities that all the best tennis shoes for ankle support must possess.

Once you weigh all the attributes of the Keen Men’s Target II Hiking boots, their heaviness and size disproportionality become negligible compared to the marvelous traction control, stability, and ankle support they provide, which is why we whole-heartedly recommend this Keen masterpiece.

8. ASICS Men’s GT-2000 6 Running Shoe

Asics is renowned for its gel-infused footwear, and the new GT-2000 6 shoes raise that cushioning mechanism to a whole new degree. This advanced comfort and stability are exactly what makes these Asics so suitable for ankle support.

ASICS Men's Gel-Excite 4 Running Shoe

Construction and Material

The GT-2000 6’s exhibit a steady plastic upper beneath a mesh-style fabric, with an abundance of minuscule openings for air. This provides ample foot ventilation in the shoe, making it spacious and comforting for ankles.

Reaching into the sizable opening of the shoe is a ComforDry Sock Liner, which functions as a mobile insole for additional balance and ankle support. Indeed, these Asics shoes are one of the best running shoes for ankle support.

Another interesting component of the GT 2000 is its health-conscious inner lining. Since it is made from an anti-microbial material, it reduces infection risk for tennis athletes, a feature quite rare among the best ankle support shoes for tennis.

Asics has employed numerous technologies in the soling of GT-2000, ranging from a carbon-based rubber outsole for hiked resilience to a uniform gel-based cushioning system. For added endurance, the heels are latched into place by a distinct foam that upholds the shoe’s integrity and midsole arch and simultaneously prevents the detachment of the heels.

Lastly, the structure of these ankle support sneakers is reinforced by a plastic plate enveloping the heel and ends up putting the final touch of comfort in the Asics GT-2000 6.


The GT-2000 6 shoes fared extremely well in terms of comfort and astonished most of our testers with their low weight.

The trademark gel-cushioning of Asics shone through during performance by easing ankle strains. It also made landing and sprinting less strenuous on the feet for heavy-weighted players. We found the shoes to be sufficiently durable, with little wear on them despite multiple 100m dashes.

This makes them endure several hours of tennis gameplay. Hence, regardless of whether you are a full-day athlete or a weekend enthusiast, this feature is bound to come in handy and reduce the infuriating monthly need for shoe replacement.

These shoes with good ankle support also proved relatively bouncy and responsive to quick-footed testers. This is mostly due to the various soling technologies equipped for the shoe. The outsole gripped the testers’ feet and made stance changes and spins quite comfortable for the ankles, without lagging behind or resisting motion.

We found that the low-profile upper made the feet particularly snug, contributing to a weightless feeling. But don’t worry, if you prefer a heavier shoe, the removable insole can balance the weight component for you.

The arch support provided by the stubborn midsole keeps your foot in the proper posture. If you struggle to control your leg rotation during jumps, then this feature of the Asics will definitely enhance your stability and prevent unnecessary inversion.

Of course, this is what makes the Asics considerably safer for ankles, and hence ranks them so high among the best tennis shoes for ankle support.



  • Enhanced cushioning by gel-based technology
  • Upper immune to abrasion
  • Decreased sweat accumulation
  • Mesh upper and tongue (for breathability)
  • Easy to fit, even for wider feet
  • Anti-microbial inner soling
  • High shock-absorption index
  • Minimalized ankle pain
  • Smaller size margins
  • Stiff arch for flat-footed players


Compared to the competition, the GT-2000 6 shoes tower within the satisfaction and lightness fields. We all know that the feet can get increasingly sweaty over the course of a tennis match, which increases the risk of an ankle injury.

So if you detest such moisture accumulation and desire upgraded comfort and traction control, these Asics shoes for ankle support may just be the product for you.

9. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Arishi V1

The New Balance Arishi V1 shoes are specifically engineered to endure versatile courts, whether they be grass, cement, or hard. Coming in a variety of soft themes, the color palette and diversity of terrain support makes these best women tennis shoes for ankle support.

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam Arishi V1

Construction and Material

The Arishi V1 shoes host a beautiful upper stitched from 100% synthetic fibers. Permeability and ventilation are evident in the mesh structure adorned with the shoes, ensuring a breathable atmosphere around the foot.

The soling of these ankle support shoes women’s shoes are composed of a mix of rubber and Fresh Foam parts, artfully joined to give a steady outsole and smooth foam midsole. To provide an easeful resting spot, a New Balance Response is installed into the shoes.

Also, the soling foam is engineered to be exceptionally soft and shock-absorbent, with a relatively spacious inner width and that’s what makes this pair the best tennis shoes for ankle support.

Inside these women’s shoes with ankle support, there is sufficient space for an extra layer of Fresh Foam insole, which incidentally comes alongside the product.

The look and feel of the Arishi V1 are crafted with a soft textile covering and white rubber soles. A thick velvet tongue emerges from the shoe’s eccentric lacing pattern that gives complete closure to the opening. Both of these features combine to give V1 shoes a pleasant aura of comfort.


Arashi V1 shoes ace the comfort test with their pillow-like sensation. Most of our testers found them to be exceptionally soft for tennis shoes with ankle support, which is no negligible quality when it comes to achieving ample foot protection.

The V1 shoes fit elastically well to all shapes of feet and are easy to slide on due to the plush tongue. But despite a high fitness ratio, the shoes preserve quite a yielding structure around the foot, which stretches smoothly to accommodate wider feet.

During testing, this feature minimized the looseness around the ankle and limp feeling in the feet. It also reduced the risk of unhinging heels from the ground, which is a major cause of ankle injuries.

In terms of traction control and stability, the V1’s upright arch ensures that your feet do not bend excessively, and thus contributes to more control. We discovered that the shoe’s outsole extended a calming sense of balance and grip on tennis courts.

The ability to sprint and accelerate was also improved, as the shoes effectively transferred most of the applied body force to the ground through the Fresh Foam.

Another standout feature of the V1 shoes is the NB performance insert. Not only does it soothe the ankle with its carefully designed shape, but it also attributes a springy element to the soling. Thus, the responsiveness of the shoes is enhanced and ankle support becomes stronger.

If you tend to play on varying formats of court surface, then the V1’s versatility is sure to benefit you. We tested the shoes on muddy, rigid, and glassy courts, yet they performed marvelously on all. This is the most important attribute that makes the V1 so suitable for ankle support.



  • Mesh-patterned upper
  • Rubber soling reinforced with Fresh Foam
  • Equipped with NB Performance 2.0 insert
  • Soling designed for cushioning and comfort
  • Maintains durability on versatile courts
  • Light-weight
  • Stretches to support wider-feet
  • Arch support may weaken over time
  • Limited flexibility at first
  • Relatively narrow toe compartment


Scaling the pros and cons of V1, it’s evident that the spectacular cushioning and comfort of Arishi’s shoes far outweigh the few disadvantages. These shoes are the clear winner for people who prioritize light-weight yet versatile tennis shoes for ankle support.

10. ASICS Women’s Solution Speed FlyteFoam 2 Tennis Shoes

The Solution Speed FlyteFoam 2 Tennis Shoes are the perfect choice for any player. The shoes are equipped with a mesh upper and breathable mesh lining to keep your feet cool while they’re on the court, and they have a very comfortable fit that makes them ideal for all types of players.

ASICS Women's Solution Speed FlyteFoam 2 Tennis Shoes

Construction & Material

ASICS Women’s Solution Speed FlyteFoam 2 Tennis Shoes are an excellent option for lightweight shoes that provide ankle support. They have a rubber sole and provide cushioning, making them perfect for everyday use.

The outer material of the shoe is synthetic leather, which provides durability and a comfortable feel. The inner lining is made of synthetic nubuck, which provides added comfort and durability. The upper is made of mesh with an upper that wraps around the foot for added breathability and ventilation. 

This fit is perfect for anyone playing any sport that requires movement on a court. The material is flexible yet sturdy in the right places to protect the ankle from injury. The shoe’s design provides support and comfort for the user so that they can perform their best without worrying about foot pain or blisters.


ASICS shoes have added breathability and ventilation, which help keep your feet cool and dry when you’re playing on a hot day. They also have excellent traction, making you feel confident when moving on the court.

While playing tennis in these shoes, we have a better chance of winning the match. The controlled traction is excellent, and they were super tight. They were also true to size, so we didn’t feel any discomfort that could hurt our feet.

Overall, these shoes are lightweight and provide all the benefits of a tennis shoe without weighing you down.



  • Great traction for playing on grass or hard courts
  • Very comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Breathable and lightweight shoe which enables the wearer to enjoy long hours of play
  • Good arch support for better stability in walking and running
  • No waiting period required
  • Not as durable as most other models


The ASICS Tennis Shoes are an excellent choice for any player who wants to take their game to the next level. With a perfect blend of cushioning and stability, these shoes give you the confidence you need to win.

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11. ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoe

Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoe is a great choice if you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive running shoe. It has an excellent fit and cushioning that makes it perfect for long runs or for everyday use.

ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoe

Construction & Material

ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 running shoe is a fantastic choice for runners who want to avoid heel pain and ankle issues. These shoes have a very flat profile, which means they offer more support in the arch area than traditional running shoes. They also have an I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) located in the heel cup, which helps to reduce pressure on the Achilles tendon by distributing weight evenly across the foot.

This running shoe is made with 100% synthetic materials. It has a rubber sole that provides great traction while running or walking around on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. 

The Fluid Ride midsole provides the ultimate combination of cushioning and support by absorbing impact energy from each step you take so that it doesn’t transfer up through your body and cause injury to your lower back or knees!


This is a great option for runners who need ankle support. The shoe comes with a Fluid Fit Upper that wraps around your foot, providing greater comfort and support as you move. It also has Heel Clutching System Technology, which creates an improved heel-fitting environment.

For tennis players, the rear of this shoe features GEL Cushioning Systems, which allow movement in multiple planes as the foot transitions through the gait cycle. You’ll be able to feel this support throughout your run!

When we walk outside over 5 to 6 miles, this shoe gives us more support for our ankles. One of our team members has sore ankles, and after getting this fantastic pair of shoes, he told us that his soreness went away after wearing them for a few days. He now runs and walks well with comfort. So, we recommend these shoes for everyone who wants to feel comfortable running or walking.



  • Gel cushioning for comfort and shock absorption
  • Cushioned midsole provides a great ride
  • Breathable mesh uppers to keep your feet cool and dry
  • The majority of the sizes fit comfortably
  • The pair is ideal for relieving pain caused by plantar fasciitis
  • The durability of the toe is not impressive


If you’re looking for a shoe that will keep your feet happy and healthy, this is the one. The ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoe is designed with comfort in mind, so you’ll be able to enjoy your runs without sore muscles or blisters.

What Causes Pain In Ankle Without Injury?

Pain in the ankle without injury is one of the most common complaints of patients. Pain and swelling of the ankle can be a symptom of several conditions, including:

-Torn ligaments or tendons
-Sprain/strain injuries

How Do I Get Rid Of Ankle Pain?

If you have ankle pain, it’s not something you should ignore. It could be a sign of something severe and must be treated immediately.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of ankle pain:

  1. Take care of your foot and ankle by keeping them dry and warm (not too hot, though).
  2. Treat any infections immediately with antibiotics.
  3. Try wearing shoes that are supportive and comfortable for your feet.
  4. If the pain is severe, see a podiatrist to find out what’s happening

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skechers good for weak ankles?

Yes, they are excellent. They provide support, cushioning, and comfort for your ankles. Also, they are made of rubber which is very durable and long-lasting.

Are boots good for ankle support?

Boots are an ideal choice for ankle support. They offer a great deal of protection and are easy to put on and take off.

Why do my ankles hurt when I walk shoes?

When you walk in flats, your ankles are forced to pronate to accommodate the shoe’s lack of arch support. This causes stress on the joint, and your ankles may hurt.

Do high-top shoes help ankle pain?

Yes! Wearing high-top shoes and braces can help support your ankles and prevent injuries. Wearing high-top shoes can help support the entire body, including the ankles and knees.

The Finality Words

In today’s article we have reviewed 11 best tennis shoes for ankle support in 2023. So this is the way to find a comfortable and supportive shoe for you in the future while playing your favorite game. We hope these shoes will meet your demands on ankle support and comfort.

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