Best Tennis Shoes For Beginners | Most Comfortable

You must be wondering which shoes would be better for beginners on the tennis court.

So, that’s why we have made a list of the best tennis shoes for beginners. Check it out.

Best Tennis Shoes For Beginners

Best Tennis Shoes For Beginners

These are some of the very best tennis shoes for beginners in 2023.

Image Product Details   Price
New Balance Men’s 806 V1. New Balance 806 Shoe Ample support in arch and ankle areas Check Price
Adidas-Gamecourt-Tennis-Shoe Adidas Gamecourt Tennis Shoe Resistant towards abrasion in the toe area Check Price
ASICS-Gel-Dedicate-5 ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5 Lightweight with a wide toe box Check Price
ADIZERO-Ubersonic-3-Shoes ADIZERO Ubersonic 3 Shoes Sock liner fit is amazingly soft and ventilated Check Price
Wilson-Rush-Pro Wilson Rush Pro Tennis Shoes Amazingly comfortable and snug Check Price
Adidas-Stella-Barricade-Boost Adidas Stella Barricade Boost Ensures stable and secure landing Check Price
K-Swiss-Bigshot-Light-Tennis-Shoe K-Swiss Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe Provides toe and injury protection Check Price
nike men air zoom vapour x Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Dynamic Fit technology Check Price
ASICS-Gel-Resolution-6-Women ASICS Gel Resolution 8 Shoe Amazing cushioning of falls Check Price

1. New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

With the New Balance 806 edition, users are incredibly pleased to find all the much-needed factors at one place ranging from comfort up to the weight of the shoes.

 New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

These shoes are made to be wide fitting and do not require breaking. Instead, the buyer can instantly get into playing and be at ease in the court with its comfortable ABZORB cushioning and toe protection.

Manufacturing from synthetic material and leather makes the 806 perfectly reliable and durable along with giving the shoes a sleek and modern look. While the lightning dry liner allows any moisture to be taken care of and keeps the feet dry and protected.

In addition to its long list of benefits, a C-Cap at the cushion reduces any chance of heel or ankle strains while the midsole lessens the landing and jumping impact, making the shoe ideal for rapid movement.


  • Ample support in arch and ankle areas of the shoe
  • Stable in both clay and hard surface courts
  • The padded collar makes it a comfortable fit
  • Manufactured from durable material


  • Quite expensive
  • Not ideal for people with wide feet

Final Verdict

The primary objective of the New Balance 806 shoes is to make you feel comfortable during tennis playing. But it does not mean that you can only wear these shoes for tennis because they are best for your job. It is essential to have stable support when you are on your feet all day, whether on the court or in a warehouse.

You will get these shoes without gimmicks and frills. That’s why nothing will be a hurdle for you while walking. The tennis shoes are well-fitting and will be suitable for someone who doesn’t need a lot of colors and additional padding. These are classics from New Balance. Overall, These are Tennis shoes from a well-known brand that’s affordable as well as basic.

2. Adidas Men’s Gamecourt M Sneaker

Adidas is not unknown when it comes to the sale of the best quality shoes. However, its game court tennis shoe is the perfect match for all beginners looking to play tennis.

 Adidas Men’s Gamecourt M Sneaker

These shoes are made to be incredibly lightweight and cozy to be in. With its breathable mesh upper, the shoe sticks to your foot even while moving in rapid processions.

Along with this, a cushioned midsole is used to make it comfortable while the durable outsole provides a firm grip. The outsole cushions fall and make it easy to be jumped in all the while being incredibly light on the feet.

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Manufactured from imported rubber, this Adidas game court tennis shoe has high durability further enhanced by the Adiwear outso


  • Resistant towards abrasion in the toe area
  • Comfortable and cozy on the feet and joints
  • Amazingly long durability
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Opening too small for wide feet

Final Verdict

It would not be wrong to say that these shoes are the best product by the well-known brand Adidas. All the parts, including the midsole, tongue, and design, are well-built. There are three stripes with these making them pleasant to wear and see. 

You won’t notice your feet moving around within the shoe during a tennis game because they are snug and fit well. They are as stiff as tennis shoes should be. These shoes are comfortable to the extent that you can enjoy your game or court.

3. ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoe

The ASICS Gel Dedicate 5 has proven to be a customer favorite with its ability to check off all the much-adored features by tennis players looking to boost their playing experience.

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoe

Manufactured from completely synthetic material makes this shoe is incredibly durable and maximizes the level of traction provided. The synthetic leather also helps in increasing the shoe’s flexibility and providing it an overall sleek look.

Furthermore, by making use of the forefoot gel cushioning system, the impact caused by harsh and sudden movements is absorbed and cushioned instantly. These shoes weigh merely 14oz and are incredibly light on the feet and joints.

The trusstic system technology lessens the sole unit weight to the minimal value and makes every stride of the player confident and comfortable.


  • Attractive look and stability
  • Prevents heel slippage
  • Lightweight with a wide toe box
  • Affordable rate


  • Not accurately snugged around the foot

Final Verdict

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes are an excellent product for tennis. Having all other worthy features, the best thing about this product is that you can buy it even if you have a tight budget. You will find them worth buying. 

With its high-quality, supportive GEL-Dedicate 5 tennis shoe, the GEL-Dedicate 5 is perfect for recreational players. GEL cushioning beneath the forefoot reduces shock during those quick movements, while the rubber outsole is ultra-durable to stand up to the unforgiving surface.

4. ADIZERO Ubersonic 3 Shoes

Tennis can be intense at times and requires to move rapidly but with ease. Adizero focuses on this pointer largely and has come up with its Ubersonic 3 shoes to solve this issue by providing ultimate high performance and ease during abrupt and instant movements.

ADIZERO Ubersonic 3 Shoes

Equipped with a supportive and breathable mesh upper, this shoe fits right into the feet of the player and is easy on them with its lightweight manufacturing and design, while a cushioned midsole is used to soften impacts due to harsh movement.

Along with this, the Adizero supersonic comes with a rubber sole to have the firmest grip while running or making quick turns to maximize the stability of the product. While its super light chassis help in always staying on the front foot.

By using adiwear 6 outsoles, this shoe is made to be incredibly durable and resistant to damage. The sprint frame construction helps offer the fastest speed possible and the EVA midsole makes the complete experience of playing tennis a comfortable one.

Inclusively, Adituff is used to protect the toe area from abrasion and strain. To finish it off with a cool look, it makes use of entirely synthetic materials.


  • Breathable and comfortable to move in
  • Sock liner fit is amazingly soft and ventilated
  • Speed lacing provides with the right tightness required
  • Available in three different colors


  • Not durable and reliable for long run

Final Verdict

Many products are available, but this one stands out in several categories, including comfort and breathability. This model should be on your list of considerations if you need lightweight shoes that provide plenty of speed and bounce.

The Sprintframe still allows you to feel fast and light on the court while supporting their feet despite its robust construction. If you were a fan of the previous generation, the new Ubersonic 3s would perform as they did, though the updated toe box gives the shoes a noticeably wider fit. 

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5. Wilson Rush Pro Tennis Shoes

Wilson Rush Pro Tennis Shoes are the perfect blend between the high performance and flexibility of the player. It has been made to be reliable in the long run and puts the ease of the player as its foremost priority.

Wilson Rush Pro Tennis Shoes

Firstly, the uppers of the shoe are comprised of incredibly soft materials to make them comfortable for the feet. Not only this, these uppers provide a steadier grip and considerable support to the wearer as well.

With the use of its 3D-F.S technology, flexibility and ventilation is guaranteed for the user while the R-DST+ technology cushions all types of sudden harsh movements.

To prevent accidental slippage, these shoes make use of Endofit inner lining which locks the foot during an intense push-off. Moreover, the padded tongue and collar help keep the feet cozy all the while being lightweight enough to not add any extra drag to the feet.


  • Amazingly comfortable and snug
  • Provides lateral support
  • Matte finish provides it a cool look
  • Abrasion resistant


  • Too narrow, not ideal for wide feet

Final Verdict

The Rush Pro 3.0 is lighter, more ventilated, just as durable, and just as stable as its predecessor! One notable feature is more mesh in the upper, which makes it more breathable and adaptable. The streamlined design did not sacrifice the Rush Pro’s most vital points: stability and durability.

The built-in inner sleeve is very snug and keeps the foot feeling comfortable and secure. When you wear this shoe on the courts, it will have a low profile, giving you the confidence to move and cut fast.

6. Adidas Stella Barricade Boost Tennis Shoe

Tennis players are always looking to find the pair which not only allows them to level up their playing game but do so while looking cool and confident. Adidas Stella Barricade Boost Shoe supremely captures this idea by providing with this comfiest yet sleekly designed shoes.

Adidas Stella Barricade Boost Tennis Shoe

By making use of the TPU heel counter this shoe prevents any heel slippage and provides for softer heel cushioning. Moreover, Adidas gives ample room in the toe box accompanied by incredible arch support to protect the player against any strains or pains.

Comprised from synthetic materials, these shoes are proven to be durable while a herringbone tread pattern present on the outsoles supports in stable landing. Stella Barricade Shoes also weigh relatively less and thus do not add drag to the feet.

Perhaps, its most distinctive feature is its bootee construction. This cushioning helps maximize the responsiveness and energy that the shoes offer making every stride look well-paced and firm.


  • Amazing look
  • No break in time required
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Ensures stable and secure landing


  • Not ideal for people with wide feet
  • Minor Arch Support problems

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a combination of fashion and performance in the same shoes,  go for Adidas Stella Barricade Boost Tennis Shoe. Nothing can beat these shoes in terms of performance and durability. These simple tennis shoes have all the technology you expect from high-quality, durable shoes, but they are more streamlined and weigh less than 12 ounces. 

This is a great shoe if you are looking for a lightweight, high-tech shoe that lasts a long time. Furthermore, they come with a six-month guarantee on their outsoles to prove that they are durable.

7. K-Swiss Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe

When looking for the perfect tennis shoe, its offered features and price rarely go hand in hand. However, K-Swiss professionally handles this issue with their Bigshot light tennis shoe designed not only to be the most stable one but to do that at a comparatively cheaper rate.

K-Swiss Bigshot Light Tennis Shoe

To mend any previous injuries, a textile upper is used while the sole manages to hug every inch of the foot accurately. It provides for brilliant traction while on the go and protects against any accidental slipping.

Made from synthetic leather material, this shoe can be trusted in the long run and with its efficient lace options, it is made to cozy and durable. K-Swiss Bigshot Shoes are lightweight and easy on the feet allowing for easy and fluid movement.


  • Provides toe and injury protection
  • Offers amazing traction and support
  • Excellent performance on hard and clay courts
  • Durable and Lightweight


  • Minor heel slippage
  • Not well ventilated

Final Verdict

The lightweight design makes these shoe ideal for coaches and players who spend a lot of time on their feet. Featuring a unique dual-color design that makes other players envious, these starter tennis shoes are both durable and supportive.

An excellent choice for tennis players who need good support and light footwear, the K-Swiss Men’s bigshot lite 2.5 is a perfect fit. You won’t have to change socks because of hot feet or dragging your feet while playing. It is an added benefit that orthotics can be easily fitted into these shoes. For a serious player, this is a stylish, high-end, high-quality, and light shoe.

8. Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

Tennis shoes that come in better quality often weigh more and add drag to the player’s feet. The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X is an exception in this case as it has all the much-needed features and design but is made to be incredibly light on the feet and joints.

Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

The dynamic fit hugs the feet precisely and gives it a snug feel while the breathable and well-ventilated textile prevents your foot from moisture and sweat during warm temperatures. To soften harsh falls, it makes use of the zoom technology which doesn’t hinder any movements while cushioning these falls.

Furthermore, this shoe is made to be incredibly light and allows free movement on any type of court surface. The mesh adds to the ease in its wearing all the while tremendous ankle support is provided to the user. Inclusively, Nike makes use of TPU midfoot shank for extra support and firmer grip.

By using a generative design, further traction is added to the outsole which helps in making a sudden direction change. The inclusion of a padded collar in the upper and phylon midsole allows for maximum comfort and responsiveness.


  • Dynamic Fit technology makes it incredibly comfortable
  • Supports all court surfaces
  • Do not require break in period


  • Minimal toe protection provided
  • Not the best choice for long time use

Final Verdict

Nikes are not only stylish but also highly durable. In addition, they are comfortable, lightweight, and durable best basic tennis shoes. What are the results? With the right shoe on the court, you can feel quick and responsive without having to replace them every few weeks. 

The vast majority of our reviewers felt the grip and traction were less than expected, but a select few argued that it effectively gripped. Are we sure it is absorbed? There will be many players who will enjoy wearing this well-balanced shoe.

9. ASICS Gel Resolution 8 Shoe

ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 perfectly balances all aspects required to make the best tennis shoe. Ranging from its imported rubber sole to make it durable followed by its padded collar and tongue to provide extra comfort, this shoe is a favorite amongst all.

ASICS Gel Resolution 6 Shoe

Fluidride construction present in the fore and midfoot helps to keep the underfoot snug and ventilated. Secondly, Flexion Fit construction adds to the lateral support provided and ensures a stable grip on the court.

These shoes are finished with a bold color outlook to make every stride look determined. Backed by a Meta Clutch external heel design, Gel Resolution 8 promises maximum support and astonishing traction control on the court. A Guard toe protector acts as a shield against injuries caused by harsh falls whereas the Fluidride feature removes any trace of moisture on the foot.


  • Bold color and style
  • No breaking in required
  • Amazing cushioning of falls
  • Enhanced durability


  • Not ideal for wide feet
  • Slippery outsole

Final Verdict

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pros are a shoe not only for those who do not mind a narrow fit but also for those who want a shoe that looks great and moves well. You will find this shoe enjoyable for Tennis. The best feature of these shoes is their design and durability. 

Even though Nike redistributed some of the outsole material to make some progress in durability, the Vapor never excelled in this area. There is some debate over whether the redesigned outsole made movement and speed less efficient.  The Air Zoom Vapor X Easy tennis Shoe Set new standards for tennis shoes for comfort, stability, and lightweight responsiveness.


1. What shoes should I wear for tennis?

There are a number of brands that offer tennis shoes designed to handle the nuances of all three types of courts, including Nike, Adidas, Asics, and Babolat. You may want to consider these multi-purpose shoes if you don’t have a specific surface type in mind.

2. Can you wear running shoes to play tennis?

It’s a bad idea to wear running shoes. In tennis, balance is more important than forwarding momentum, so these shoes are designed for feet to roll forward. Tennis shoes could be replaced by basketball shoes.

3. What is the difference between tennis shoes and sneakers?

Converse shoes, on the other hand, are simply shoes with a canvas top and rubber soles designed for wearing during sporting events. You can wear tennis shoes as sneakers outside of the court, but you cannot wear tennis shoes like sneakers.

4. How should a tennis shoe fit?

The shoes you want to wear should fit your feet like a glove. They shouldn’t be too tight or loose. They should provide adequate cushioning on the inner sole while also allowing for comfortable movement. The difference between buying leather shoes and tennis shoes is that tennis shoes do not need to be ‘broken in’.

5. Why are running shoes bad for tennis?

Despite having a good grip, running shoes are not designed for the run-stop-run situation that tennis goes through, so their soles start breaking down fast; this is why running shoes lose grip so quickly.


The decision of selecting the best tennis shoe is an important one to be made and should always only be done after determining the efficiency of various shoes and debating over what could be the best fit for them. Favorites can be selected by everyone but the final decision ultimately relies on the tennis player and their requirements as a beginner while playing the sport.


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