Best Tennis Shoes For Women In 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Tennis is a tough sport and it requires quick feet. For this, you need to pick the right pair of shoes and that’s why we have listed some of the best tennis shoes for women in 2023.

Best Tennis Shoes For Women

Best Tennis Shoes For Women In 2023

Here are the best tennis women’s tennis shoes in 2023.

Image Brand Name Key Features Price
New-Balance-Womens-Nb-Nergize-Sport-V1-Sneaker New Balance Women’s Fuel Core Nergize Full lacing closure Check Price
Asics Women’s Gel-Dedicate 5 ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Gel-cushioned forefoot Check Price
3 Adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure Knitted mesh upper Check Price
4 K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express Spacious toe compartment Check Price
5 Brooks Women's Shoes Lightweight and durable Check Price
6 QANSI Women Shoes Ventilated Knit upper Check Price
7 ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Gel-cushioning technology Check Price
adidas-barricade-womens-left Adidas Women's ASMC Barricade Durable upper with TPU foil Check Price
brooks adrenaline gts 18 Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Gts 18 3 Layered BioMoGo DNA midsole Check Price
10 Brooks Women’s Launch 5 Rigid cushioning system Check Price

1. New Balance Women’s Fuel Core Nergize V1 Cross

New Balance is the king of fitness-based shoes, and the Nergize V1 is one of the most comfortable NB women’s shoes you can find. They are a lightweight product with an excitingly appealing look that’s sure to make you stand out on the court.

 New Balance Women's FuelCore


  • Suitable for wider feet
  • Slip-up capability
  • Sufficient space for orthotic

Design and Material

With an elegant, synthetic upper and a glimmering latch around the lacing, the Nergize V1 shoes are the epitome of shoe appeal. They are available in a unique variety of colors, ranging from dark oxide to indigo pigment.

The upper is set upon a layer of soft, foam lining for the support that covers the foot. The shoes are shaped with a bootie construction model to enhance fit. They possess a dotted fabric lacing that strings around the entire mid-foot to provide full closure and slip-up capability.

From the inside, the shoes are wide-foot compatible and offer a spacious toe box for ventilation. The insole is made of trademark NB Memory foam to enhance cushioning and comfort. It is removable to provide support for thick feet.

The midsole of Nergize V1 shoes is crafted from Revlite foam for shock absorption. It is strategically placed to transition feet smoothly. The outsole is crafted entirely from rubber with a wave tread pattern for traction.


The Nergize V1 shoes increment performance with a subtle group of features. Our testers found them to be extremely comfortable immediately upon wearing and required no break-in time at all. These are one of the most popular women’s tennis shoes around.

The shoes fit nicely on people with both wide and small feet, and it was easy to slip them on due to the lacing support and stretchy texture. Women athletes were pleased to find the shoe’s construction perfectly molded to their natural foot shape.

Testers found the shoe’s cushioning appropriate for intense gameplay. The Revlite midsole absorbed the surface shock of not only jumps but also full-length dives. Moreover, it acted as a responsive midsole upon sprinting and boosted the acceleration even for newer players.

Players with foot pain or orthotic requirements also appreciated the Nergize V1 shoe’s removable insole. It cleared up sufficient space for the orthotic implant while its wide design made the inner cool and airy.

Alongside the soft inner and foam lining, this ensured that players could wear the Nergize V1 shoes all day without straining the feet.

However, some fast-paced players found the shoe’s lateral support to be limited when performing continuous side swerves. The shoe’s flexible upper did not maintain the foot’s posture by itself.

Regardless, players reported that the shoe’s significantly light-weight design more than compensated for this flaw, and enabled players to apply the concentration of weight on footstep precision instead.

The Nergize V1 shoes offered superior traction on both clay and hard courts, mainly due to their wave tread pattern. Players found they could perform lavish slides without fear of foot inversion. Not only that, the rubber outsole provided excellent support from all sides of the heel, hiking up the balance and stability for a smooth tennis game.

  • Removable Memory Foam insole
  • Light-weight design
  • Suitable for wider feet
  • Synthetic upper with bootie construction
  • Full lacing closure
  • Slip-up capability
  • Revlite foam midsole
  • Wide toe-box
  • Superior traction with a wave-patterned outsole
  • Sufficient space for orthotic
  • Limited lateral support for fast-paced players
  • Takes long to dry


All in all, the shoe’s comfort and fitness-centric structure won over the court. With a lightweight design and supportive midsole, the Nergize V1 shoes heighten traction, stability, and cushioning, and are sure to take your tennis performance to the next level. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best women’s shoes for tennis.

2. ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Women Tennis Shoes

The ASICS Gel Dedicate 5 shoes are geared towards newer tennis players, which makes them highly distinctive even among the best tennis shoes for women. Possessing a beautiful look and a fantastic arrangement of features, the shoes promise heightened balance and stability upon the court.  If you are looking for the best women’s court shoes then pick them.

 ASICS Women's Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoe

ASICS Women’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoe


  • Ideal for new or casual players
  • Gel-cushioned forefoot

Design and Material

Hosting an upper produced from a durable blend of leather and synthetic textile, these Asics shoes are determined to rule. They are available in a wide range of bright colors, encompassing silver, orange, and blue fabrics.

A sequential mesh pattern is dotted into the upper from base to top that is only visible at strategic points where the leather skin is absent, creating a fashionable look and maximizing ventilation. 

The soling of the Gel Dedicate 5 shoe is composed of 100% natural rubber and is equipped with two major technologies. First, the midsole is integrated with the trademark gel-cushioning attribute.

It is crafted from EVA and elegantly arched to provide optimal support, in both lateral and vertical movements. The forefoot of the midsole maintains the gel-enforced element of the shoes for maximum comfort.

Secondly, a Trusstic System technology is integrated into the resilient outsole. It upholds the shoe’s skeletal features while decreasing the weight, making Gel Dedicate 5 a sturdy, light-weight which makes it one of the best women’s tennis sneakers.


These Asics shoes lived well up to their brand name and shone through all of our tests involving comfort, balance, traction, and durability.

Comfort in the Gel Dedicate 5 radiates from all features. The midsole and forefoot area were both heavily shock-absorbent due to their gel-based lining, and players found their weight to be efficiently canceled out by the gel cushioning. We also found the soling to be soft and cushioned despite its rubber composition.

This made quick-paced tennis games less intense for the feet, making these shoes ideal for women with foot injuries. It is surely one of the top women tennis shoes around.

The mesh upper further multiplied the comfort by maintaining an airy, cool atmosphere within the shoes. Some testers reported the shoe to be narrowly designed from the heel and midfoot, which made its shape complementary to the curves of women’s feet.

Also, since the toe box was wide and roomy, this did not limit women with wider feet.

In regards to balance, the Gel Dedicate 5 shoes delivered satisfying results. The lightweight soling diminished the need for excessive balancing techniques, and also enhanced agility on the court.

Moreover, the shoes extended amazing traction control to players upon hard and grass courts.

The shoes seemed only to wear slightly after intense plays. So pick the best tennis shoes women and stay relaxed.

  • Gel-cushioned forefoot
  • Light-weight
  • Resilient leather upper
  • Mesh patterned layers for breathability
  • Spacious toe compartment
  • Ideal for new or casual players
  • Outsole not very durable for intense players
  • Narrow shoe design

The Asics Gel Dedicate 5 shoes increment traditional shoe comfort with their shock-absorbing and extreme cushioning sole, utilizing gel and light-weight EVA technologies. Although the shoes were slightly streamlined in shape, and not built for intensive players, the superior traction, balance, and fit make them the best tennis shoe for women.

3. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Tennis Shoes 

The Adidas Pure shoes utilize an exceptional new technology, the Cloadfoam, to bring a stream of hyper-comfort into your daily tennis ventures.

Adidas is renowned for its performance-centric shoes, but the Cloudfoam shoes take it a step further by introducing a women-friendly, comfortable design. Indeed, cloud foam is one of the best women’s tennis shoes in the market.

 adidas Women's Cloudfoam Shoe


  • Knitted mesh upper for breathability
  • Suitable for day-long tennis games

Design and Material

The Cloadfoam shoes boast a cute, smooth look with a stretch of pure textile upper. A modified mesh pattern is knit into the upper for unparalleled ventilation. The soling and upper merge to provide an ideal fit for women.

The shoes possess a fabric lacing with full closure and support. All along the inner lining, a memory pad is installed for comfort. It is produced from a chemically enhanced foam to automatically reshape itself around the foot.

By far the most impressive feature of Cloudfoam shoes is their soling. It has been integrated with the iconic Adidas Cloudfoam technology for maximum cushioning and shock absorption.

Moreover, the midsole carefully tunneled into the soling also utilizes a Cloadfoam component with a rubber-like elasticity for responsiveness and support.


Our team of testers ranked the Cloudfoam shoes among the most comfortable and attractive shoes available in the market. Their foam-based cushioning technique shone during testing and many players described their experience with these shoes as “walking on clouds”.

Testers could easily slip on the shoes due to the wide-gapped opening, while the full lacing pattern held the feet in a secure position. The memory foam insole was incredibly yielding in its structure.

It immediately settled into a perfect mold around the feet. This impressed testers with foot injuries or fitness issues, who described the shoes as “snug as a sock”.

Without a doubt, we have found these as one of the best women’s shoes for tennis.

During tennis games, players found the shoe’s soling to be exceedingly resilient. Even after hours of gameplay upon hard and grass courts, the outsole showed no signs of wear.

However, some testers complained that the Cloudfoam’s traction fell short of tennis standards when playing fast-paced on hard courts.

Also, women with wider feet felt the shoes were too narrow for their liking, and seemed to evoke a sense of claustrophobia. So if your foot shape is relatively wider, or you exhibit a slide-centric playing style, then you may find the Cloudfoam shoes slightly restrictive.

Regardless of playing style though, the Cloudfoam’s enhanced performance is sure to enthrall you. The midsole acted with surprising responsiveness upon the court, making it easy for testers to turn and spin at the slightest hint. It even redistributed heel shock from extravagant side swerves, making lateral movement easy and swift.

The shoes exert little weight upon the feet, which enhanced agility among our testers. Players with back-court playing styles were especially intrigued by this element of the Cloudfoam shoes.

The soling’s Cloudfoam technology worked constantly to dissipate the force of heavy steps, keeping the feet secure and happy.

Testers wore the shoes through day-long tennis sessions and yet found their foot muscles relatively painless and stress-free. So if you tend to immerse yourself in lengthy tennis matches, the Cloudfoam shoes are sure to support you.

  • Knitted mesh upper for breathability
  • Memory foam inner lining
  • Cloudfoam soling for ultra-cushioning
  • The responsive midsole and rearfoot design
  • Dynamic inner structure targeted towards women’s feet
  • Suitable for day-long tennis games
  • Durable outsole
  • Distinct, fashionable appearance
  • Limited traction on hard courts
  • Slightly narrow for wide-footed people

All in all, the Adidas Cloudfoam shoes are a ticket to instant comfort upon the tennis court. Not only do they cast an appealing look over your feet, but they also utilize the Cloudfoam soling and mesh upper to keep you bouncing through long matches with superior responsiveness and little foot strain. Indeed, they a very good tennis shoes for women.

4. K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express – Popular Women Tennis Shoes

The Hypercourt Express is one of K-Swiss’s most desired shoes, built with optimal comfort and performance. They are geared towards tennis athletes who like to play it up on the court with a swift playing style and uncompromised fitness and ventilation.

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Leather


  • Spacious toe compartment
  • Ventilated mesh upper for breathability

Design and Material

The Hypercourt Express shoe dons a radiant, neon-colored body with a variety of shades. Its upper is made from synthetic textile with a layer of molded polyurethane rubber plastered atop. The textile is sewn into a mesh for permeability which broadens the ventilation the shoes provide.

Moreover, to smoothen the inner and make the shoes aesthetically pleasing, the upper threads have been welded together using Seamfree technology.

From the inside, the shoes possess a premium Ortholite patch that has been stitched to the toe area and forefoot. It serves to induce a sock-like fit for the feet and multiply the comfort. An extensive amount of padding lines the collar of the shoe, providing cushioning and support.

The soling of the shoe is composed of trademark K-Swiss rubber. The midsole is crafted from EVA, whereas Draggaurd and Aosta rubbers have been integrated into the outsole for untethered cushioning. Not only that, the outsole has been implanted with a herringbone tread pattern to maximize traction and stability. It’s a good woman tennis shoes around.


The Hypercourt Express shoes proved to be very comfortable and resilient during testing. The mesh upper, with its crafty air pockets, set up airy ventilation around the feet while playing tennis, and our testers affirmed that the shoe was highly spacious. The yarn base of the upper touched up its softness and cushioning potential.

Upon wearing, the shoe’s EVA sock liner soothed the underfoot muscles. Our testers were impressed with the way the shoe’s padding made it relaxing to make twisting foot movements and perform strenuous exercises.

This feature, alongside the midsole’s cushioning ability and lightweight, enabled players to launch into fast-paced tennis action without fear of muscular repercussion.

Athletes with wide feet commended the Hypercourt Express shoe’s stretchy fabric walls. They could easily slide the shoes on and avoid stressing the feet.

Also, the shoe’s wide toe compartment was a surprising delight for many. Today’s shoe manufacturers tend to narrow down the toe box to increase fitness, but the Hypercourt Express achieves both features without downgrading the other.

Testers with flat feet, on the other hand, felt the shoe’s arch support was restrictive and uncomfortable, eliciting a taut feeling around the midfoot.

They required a long adjustment period to break into the shoes. Also, when compared with the best tennis shoes for women, the Hypercourt Express is a particularly expensive product, but it certainly delivers features worth the extra bucks.

The modified rubber soling of Hypercourt Express exhibited excellent shock absorption upon the court. Players were able to take longer strides and sprint with fervor without damaging the forefoot.

Also, the shoe’s herringbone outsole significantly enhanced traction control and stability. Even after hours of testing, the sole remained undamaged. The shoes performed wonderfully on both hard and clay courts.

  • Spacious toe compartment
  • Light-weight
  • Ventilated mesh upper for breathability
  • Responsive soling suitable for quick-paced players
  • Seamfree technology utilized in upper and inner
  • Dragguard and Aosta rubber technologies implanted in the outsole for cushioning
  • Durable on hard and clay courts
  • Comfortable EVA sockliner
  • Not suited for people with flat feet
  • Slightly expensive

The Hypercourt Express passed our extensive testing with flying colors. They specialize in providing a comfortable, cushioned shoe that will reduce the impact of fast tennis gameplay, while simultaneously granting you an upper hand in terms of speed and stability. So, these are excellent women’s shoes for playing tennis.

5. Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe

Brooks’ new Ghost series, the Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe, introduces a groundbreaking shoe. With the redesigned Ghost series, not only will you have a lightweight, fast shoe but you will also look sleek.

It features a flexible, seamless upper that is designed to be lightweight and breathable. With an excellent level of cushioning, the Ghost 14 Neutral is a great running shoe to reduce impact. The Guidance Line outsole and Cushion midsole make this a shoe for neutral runners. Additionally, these features provide the best traction on wet surfaces.

Brooks Womens Ghost 14


  • Lightweight and durable
  • wide toe box

Design and Material

For runners who want a versatile lightweight shoe with an all-day comfort, the Brooks Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe is your perfect option. This shoe is a flexible, responsive and lightweight shoe that’s perfect for runners who want a responsive and lightweight shoe with an all day comfort. It features a stretch mesh upper with a lace-up closure, a deep heel cup and a stretch mesh tongue.

Running shoes like these are a must-have for every runner. The lightweight and breathable fabric cushioning absorbs shock, while the GEL-cushioned midsole and the impact-absorbing BRS 1000 last provide ultimate comfort and performance. The breathable mesh upper keeps the foot cool and dry, while the rubber toe cap and heel counter provide excellent protection. It is a neutral-supporting shoe, with a height-appropriate 10mm drop.


The Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe is designed with a neutral fit and a wide toe box to keep your feet comfortable. The shoe is part of the Ghost series and is designed for comfort and performance. Its shoe has a mesh upper and a Brooks DNA midsole to create a lightweight, breathable, and responsive feel. You’ll also get excellent traction with this shoe’s carbon rubber outsole. You will find this Shoe durable, lightweight and versatile running shoe. 

The shoe is designed to meet the needs of both men and women who run on pavement, and is perfect for those who are looking for a neutral shoe for training. It features a lightweight, cushioned midsole and a durable outsole that works equally well on the road and off. This shoe also offers a breathable mesh upper with an adjustable buckle strap that ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

With a feather light cushioning, an ultra-responsive ride, and some of the best materials in the industry, the Women’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe is the perfect choice for the runner who wants to be in the front of the pack.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • wide toe box
  • Greater stability and flexibility
  • Low-profile midfoot lug
  • Cushioning is not great.

The Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe offer marvelous cushioning while extending adequate lateral support for tennis. We strongly recommend these shoes for players with a low-medium arch, and who are willing to give the shoes the appropriate break-in time in order to reap the plethora of best women tennis shoes.

6. QANSI Women Shoes

The Quasi shoes adopt a cutting-edge design and a precise set of technologies to immerse your feet in the most stable transitioning system you can find. Their advanced support system is ideal for both new and experienced female athletes, which ranks them so high among the best sneakers for women.

QANSI Women Shoes


  • Ventilated Knit upper
  • Memory foam insole for superior cushioning

Design and Material

Built with a sturdy foundation and striking upper, the Qansi shoes hold nothing back in terms of appeal.

They possess a Knit textile upper with rubber patches and are available in a range of dark shades.

The upper is crafted from lightweight and flexible fabrics with maximum breathability. It is reinforced from below by patches of folded cloth to improve structural integrity. Inside, the shoes host a Memory Foam insole for cushioning. The overall design and shape of the Qansi shoes are specifically molded for women’s feet, with a strong support system.

The soling is made of rubber and foam and parted into two layers. An EVA midsole is installed below the insole to act as a Buffer for a touch of elasticity and responsiveness. Moreover, the outsole is engineered with rubber to make it thick and cushioned.

An advanced, anti-skid traction pattern is developed onto the outsole to enable unsurpassed court grip.


Our testers loved the Qansi shoe’s pulsating, fashionable look. It shone upon the court, drawing eyes from all sides while boosting performance.

The shoes provided excellent cushioning and comfort. Players loved the mesh-knit upper and its stretchy nature, which molded around the feet for a super snug feel. When performing high jumps and dives, the Memory foam insole efficiently drank the impact. This enabled heavyweight players to take full advantage of the court with little pressure on the feet.

Yet despite the soft inner, the shoes appeared sturdy and strong throughout testing. They provided excellent support during side-swerves and lateral movements. Players discovered that the tough inner lining prevented their feet from twisting. Foot inversion was also diminished, reducing the risk of injury.

However, athletes suffering from foot injuries were disappointed by the close-fitting design of the shoe, which left little room for orthotics. Regardless, Qansi grants a 24-hour testing guarantee for all buyers, so you can conveniently test out the shoe space after purchasing and confirm whether it suits you.

We also found the Qansi shoe’s size labels inaccurate by a minus ½ margin, so be sure to order these shoe half-size larger than your actual foot length.

The soling of Qansi shoes dished out a brilliant transitioning system. Players reported that the foam-integrated sole made sprinting smooth, simulating the foot’s natural movement. The sole’s flexibility released a wave from heel to sole that carried the underfoot through each motion of running, granting players agility.

Testers were further impressed by the Qansi shoe’s added responsiveness. They could rely on the EVA midsole’s springy nature to remain on their toes and maintain stability, ready to change stance on a whim. This footwear technology, commonly known as “Buffer”, is a rare yet enviable quality even among the best tennis shoes for women.

  • Ventilated Knit upper
  • Layered design for light weight
  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Traction-enhanced outsole for versatile courts
  • EVA midsole buffer for responsiveness
  • Durable dual component (rubber + foam) soling
  • Flexible inner lining
  • Memory foam insole for superior cushioning
  • Excellent structural integrity
  • ½ size smaller than standard size margins
  • Not enough space for orthotics

The Quasi shoes emerged as well-rounded, performance-boosting shoes with a superior responsiveness factor. All things considered, they are spectacular for their low price tag, and an inexpensive option for women looking to up their on-court heat!

7. ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5

ASICS makes our list again with another premium gel-cushioned product: the Gel-Venture 5. It utilizes the classic gel soling to pump out a blast of performance, comfort, and durability that will drive your tennis season to perfection.

ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5

Design and Material

The Gel-Venture 5 emits an aura of excitement with a bright-themed, 100% synthetic, textile upper. It is protected by patches of striped, natural leather that serve to shape and support the shoe structure. The upper fabric is also dotted with thread gaps to improve breathability.

A wide toe box categorizes the shoe’s inner. It is lined with absorbent mesh padding to support your feet throughout intense plays. For additional comfort, a removable foam Sockliner is installed into the shoe base.

The soling is made of resilient industrial rubber with abrasion-resistance elements. ASICS’s trademark Gel-cushioning technology is implanted into the soling for maximum cushioning. Upon the outsole, an advanced traction pattern is engraved for optimal grip and control.

The overall design of the Gel-venture 5 shoes is characterized by a female-targeted, streamlined shape. The rubber soling is constructed in an S-curve for extensive arch support and durability.


The Gel-Venture 5 shoes lent players an air of unflinching confidence upon the court. Testers were most impressed by the stress-reducing qualities of the shoes, which emerged from the extreme gel-cushioning and excellent arch support.

Our athletes ran several stamina dashes sporting the shoes. They reported that the cushioned soling consistently breathed in the impact of surface contact, redistributing it along the underfoot. This not only improved stamina but also canceled the effects of short-term muscle exhaustion in newer tennis players.

The rubber-enforced heel of Gel-venture 5 shoes functioned as an active stabilizer during tennis matches. Players were not afraid to sidestep and swerve constantly as the heel protected them from toppling over. Moreover, the leather patched upper prevented foot inversion in players, making it much safer to perform intense jumps/moves.

Testers found it easy to slip on the shoes due to the small finger latch at the back. The shoes had a spacious toe room and this, alongside the mesh-windowed upper, set up a stream of ventilation within the shoe. Lengthy tennis games became more comfortable due to this as sweat was quickly dried.

The brilliant arch support of the shoes did have some setbacks though. Flat-footed athletes found it too rigid for their feet to conform to. Also, the radiant neon stripes running along the upper were too “flashy” for some players, who preferred more elegant shoe designs.

We tested the Gel-venture 5 shoes upon all types of court surfaces and discovered uncompromised traction upon each. The outsole clutched the ground securely upon landing so testers found it easy to stop slides and court runs. All in all, the shoes multiplied performance for both new and experienced players.

  • Leather and mesh upper for durability + ventilation
  • Gel-cushioning technology in soling
  • Removable insole
  • Excellent Arch support
  • Slip-on compatibility
  • Brilliant lateral stability through rubber heel
  • Wide toe box
  • Variety of width size for women
  • Optimal traction control on all court types
  • Upper design too bright/flashy for some players
  • Not suitable for flat-footed players
  • Expensive

The Gel-venture 5 shoes spiked each attribute of tennis performance during testing, especially cushioning. The only real downside to the shoes is their incompatibility for flat-footed athletes, but the shoes have sufficient orthotic space to make up for that. Although they are slightly expensive, their brilliant arch support and traction are definitely worth your sports savings!

8. Adidas Performance Women’s ASMC Barricade Boost Tennis Shoe

These Adidas shoes were specially designed by Stella McCartney, the acclaimed fashion designer. With a pack of energy-distribution features integrated into their sole, the Barricade Boost shoes are geared towards advanced tennis athletes with a passion for fast-paced games.

Design and Material

The ASMC Barricade shoes don an aesthetic seamless upper. It is knit from 100% synthetic textiles with mesh windows for breathability. The fabric lacing extends to provide full ankle closure. Along the upper, a TPU foil is connected using Seamfree technology to maximize durability and abrasion resistance.

Inside the shoe lies a soft, fabric insole engineered to remain non-detachable for added cushioning. Ample collar padding lines the shoe back for support.

The shoes soling is made from rubber and equipped with Boost technology to revitalize muscular energy. The dual-density heel is designed as a protruding, stable model based on geometric blueprints for superior balance.

The midsole of ASMC Barricade shoes is composed of EVA to upscale the responsiveness. It is reinforced by TPU heel pads around the back of the shoe and alongside the mid-foot bottom. The rubber used in the soling is composed of modified, lightweight materials that make the ASMC Barricade shoes compact and powerful.


The ASMC Barricade shoes aced our examination for durability and support. Their TPU-infused upper, with a specific focus on protecting the fabric, stood undamaged against heavy use and long sets. This resilience also extended to the soling, which showed no sign of wear once our testing was complete.

The ASMC Barricade Shoes were most impressive for their Boost technology. Testers were mesmerized by the immediate response from the heel, which recycled the force of their feet back into the shoe and rocketed speed. Players could sprint, swerve, and dive with complete confidence in their shoes to keep them energized.

Not only did this enhance stamina,  but these lightweight tennis shoe women also escalated the lateral precision of experienced athletes, who could now sense the power of each sidestep and modify their speed accordingly. Players praised this Boost technology for being unmatched among all of the best tennis shoes for women, and that’s high praise considering today’s competition!

This top women’s tennis shoe doesn’t stop there. It delivered an airy, breathable inner that kept testers’ feet dry and sweat-free all through the match. The lightweight TPU components of the shoes further decimated muscle stress, making the feet feel natural and relaxed.

However, testers found it difficult to find the right size of ASMC Barricade Shoe. While women with wide feet had to buy a size larger than their average, a few players with long, thin feet had to seek smaller sizes. This was due to the shoe’s inner tightness, which derived from the low tongue and generous padding.

  • Mesh windowed upper for ventilation
  • Equipped with Boost technology for ultimate responsiveness and energy
  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Durable upper with TPU foil
  • TPU heel counter for support
  • Responsive EVA midsole
  • Geometrically enhanced soling design
  • Ideal for experienced athletes
  • Superior lateral support
  • Mismatched size margins
  • Fabric tongue may be irritable for some players

In the end, the ASMC Barricade Shoe is a top women’s footwear ideal for fast, unflinching gameplay. Before you buy, though, we recommend referring to Adidas’ custom size table to ensure a good fit. You certainly cannot find its Boost technology among conventional tennis brands, which is why we rank it so highly in this list It is surely the best women’s tennis shoes in 2023.

9. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Gts 18

The Brooks Adrenaline Gts 18 shoes are built to support your feet in every way possible. They employ a distinct set of technologies to provide ultimate transitioning, cushioning, and support during tennis, even being suitable for flat-footed people. It is a top-rated women’s shoes for tennis by Brooks.

9. Brooks Women's Adrenaline Gts 18

Design and Material

The Gts 18 shoes bring to the court a synthetic, mesh upper with a vibrant design. The inner is padded with rigid fabric patches to maintain support, while the lacing closure secures foot position. Thick, shock-absorbent padding lines the ankle and collar of the shoe.

For added fitness, an adjustable fabric latch is equipped to the midfoot. The insole is crafted from molded foam and is removable. Below it is 3 layers of the midsole with BioMoGo DNA technology installed, which functions as an ultimate transitioning system for women’s feet. hence, it is regarded as one of the best women tennis shoes for ankle support also.

Soling of the Gts 18 shoes consists of modified rubber components, with a heel that is integrated with energy recycling properties. A Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is inserted into it to maximize cushioning and normalize foot posture.

Moreover, the heels employ an innovative Segmented Crash Pad to ensure multi-directional support and stability for lateral movements.


The Gts 18 shoes immersed the tennis court in an ambiance of safety. Our testers described the shoes as “guardians for the feet” due to their exceptional support system and health-conscious design.

The triple layer midsole of Gts 18 lifted the feet from below each time players took a step. It molded its curve to accommodate the natural underfoot movement, which banished muscle stress. Moreover, the foam insole absorbed tension originating from consecutive foot movement. This level of cushioning was exactly right for women athletes, who felt their stamina rising and exhaustion ebbing.

Testers reported that the ankle padding was adequately sturdy. It pushed the feet into a healthy posture, while the Rollbar technology prevented feet from misalignment during jumps and slides. Moreover, the heel’s integrated Crash Pad acted as a barrier from over-stepping or toppling over, so players could launch into ambitious slides without fear of injury.

Not all athletes were immediately pleased with the support system though. Women who had previously resorted to comfort-centric shoes felt the design of Gts 18 too intrusive. It took 5-20 hours for them to break into the shoes. However, women with the flat fleet were absolutely thrilled by the shoe’s smooth arch, which heightened comfort for overpronators.

These comfortable women’s tennis shoes are best for flat feet also. The Gts 18 shoes displayed a splendid grip upon hard courts. Also, their ventilated inner, by keeping players’ feet dry throughout long matches, decreased microbe activity. For players who preferred additional space in the shoe, the removable insole was a plus.


  • Compatible with overpronators (flat-feet)
  • Prevents sweat accumulation through mesh upper
  • Tilted Rollbar (PDRB) insole for added support
  • 3 Layered BioMoGo DNA midsole for transitioning
  • Extensive ankle/collar padding
  • Dynamic mid-foot latch for a personalized fit
  • Full lacing support
  • Removable foam insole
  • Segmented Crash Pad equipped to heel for all-around stability


  • Expensive
  • May require a short adjustment period


The Gts 18 shoes are definitely the ultimate package for women who prioritize foot health. Their advanced support and cushioning systems amplify performance by reducing muscle strain. Thus, despite their slightly expensive price tag, they are absolutely worthy of being ranked among the best tennis shoes for women.[

10. Brooks Women’s Launch 5 Tennis Shoes 

Launch 5 is another Brooks’ product that’s determined to impress. It utilizes the BioMoGo DNA soling and an energy-based outsole to supercharge your tennis games. With a lightweight design and sturdy body, it’s your ticket to untethered speed!

Brooks women's launch 5

Design and Material

The upper of Launch 5 shoes are stitched from a single, lightweight synthetic fabric. It is threaded with “air holes” and sewn in a mesh net for ventilation. The insole is lined with strong textile padding for support, whereas the upper is crafted to be soft and flexible for optimum fitness.

The lightweight tennis shoes for women are made from BioMoGo DNA technology, which utilizes elastic rubber components for responsiveness. It is infused with a layer of foam around the forefoot to protect the toes.

For enhanced traction, the outsole of Launch 5 shoes is engraved with an 8-figure tread pattern. It is reinforced by rubber stripes to maximize energy-transfer efficiency. Not only that, it is shaped to provide arch support for women with neutral pronating feet.

The Launch 5 shoes are available in a number of width options, and don bright-hued uppers ranging from gold to purple.


The Launch 5 shoes delivered an extreme responsiveness factor that enthralled our testers. Athletes found that with each step, the heel transferred the mechanical energy back into the underfoot and kept players going swift.

The BioMoGo DNA midsole was springy and elastic. It pushed the feet from below while sprinting, which not only increased players’ speed but also prevented the need for forceful stepping. Even inexperienced players could benefit from this technology to boost up their fast-play training.

Moreover,  the flexible upper wrapped onto the feet in an ideal fit. But despite this personalized fitness, the feet remained cool and breezy due to the mesh upper. This feature significantly escalated agility and comfort upon the court, allowing athletes to play for long hours without exhaustion.

Cushioning in the Launch 5 shoes demonstrated a distinct quality. The insole and padding were stiff rather than squishy, which improved support but also heightened shock absorption. However, not all athletes liked this element. Women who were accustomed to wearing ultra-soft shoes had to give ample time for their feet to adjust to Launch 5.

Surprisingly, these best ladies’ tennis shoes offered sufficient arch support for both neutral and overpronators. Women with flat feet reported that the shoe’s soling curve eliminated typical foot pain.

But this feature did not accommodate players with tall arches, who were let down by the lack of midfoot support. Fortunately, the shoe’s upper was stretchable enough to install additional orthotics/insoles and multiply arch support.

Furthermore, the Launch 5 shoes are available in a variety of width options, so athletes with wide feet could easily find their match.


  • Light-weight mesh upper
  • Width-based size options available
  • Rigid cushioning system
  • BioMoGo DNA midsole for maximum responsiveness
  • Integrated foam insole with reinforced base
  • Easily fitting upper design
  • Outsole with rubber engraving that revitalizes energy
  • Superior traction with striped tread pattern
  • Suitable for neutral and over pronators


  • Stiff cushioning may require break-in time
  • Not enough support for tall arched athletes


The Launch 5 shoes are guaranteed to rocket your on-court speed. Their responsive midsole and springy heel proved highly energy-efficient during testing. They also offer a range of widths and pronation support, so if you possess a quirky foot and a taste for action-packed tennis games, this Brooks masterpiece is your ideal shoe!

Final Words

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