Best Exercises For Tennis Players – A Detailed Guide in 2023

Tennis is a physically demanding sport that can be improved through the right exercises. Here are the best exercises for tennis players.

Tennis is a popular sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, in order to play the game well, you must have good stamina and strength. There are a variety of exercises that you can do to improve your tennis skills.

Best Exercises For Tennis Players

Tennis is tough and you need some serious physical strength to survive in the court. So, you need some pretty organized workout plans to mark your name. So, that’s why we have come up with the best exercises for tennis players.

Best Exercises For Tenn ,is Players

These are the best exercises for tennis athletes.


A worm is very important before starting any exercise, A well-designed warm-up can increase Muscle temperature, Cole temperature and connecting tissue temperature.


After the warm-up, it is important to raise cold body temperature with some prehab exercises which can help avoid muscle injuries.

T Shape:

While standing in half forward bend shape while keeping your chest straight and Stand. While Keeping your shoulders tight and back flat move your arms out to sides very straight in line with your body overhead. Gently returning to 1st position a person should keep on going for a maximum of 10 and minimum of 5 reps.

Exercises For Tennis Player


The important thing to keep in mind is that movement should be started with shoulder muscles and not with arms muscles.

Dumbbell Bench Press:

One can also call it a Push exercise. Keeping on five-point body contact position which is head, shoulders, hip and both feet firmly on ground and bench.

Exercises For Tennis Players

When performing this exercise we need to bring the dumbbell down to our chest straight down and pushing them back up. This process helps the player with their biceps and triceps and improves their performance while recovering from shoulder injuries.

Medicine Ball Throw:

This is a complex training exercise involving a medicine ball throwing with different techniques. 

best Exercises For Tennis Player

Throwing all at the wall with the forehand and the backhand technique while keeping back and legs nice and straight at the same time. Take at least 6 to 8 throws each rap.

After forehand and backhand with the same ball we do medicine ball chest pass, do it for 6 to 8 time in one rap with speed and power Smashing the ball on the ground, Ball comes up our head and drives it down in the ground

Tips: Always choose medicine ball that is not to heavy so working on speed and power is easy. Min raps 5 and max 10

Dumbbell Row:

This is basically a horizontal pull exercise is a row, keeping both feet on ground and one hand on bench and letting the weight come down slowly and bringing it up into armpit, keep your back very straight head looking up and knees little bend, 5 pull up in each rap and then change hands while keeping body position as instructed. Do it for Minimum of 5 and Maximum 10 raps.

best exercises for tennis players

Weighted Push UP:

A very simple exercise, basically it’s a push-up exercise with a weight on the top part of the back, a proper technique is required to do this exercise. A clap push up is also very useful exercise to improve your speed and power

Abdominal Exercise:

Keep your feet in a nice wide open position, Arms nice and straight position and rotation throughout the trunk Hocking your feet under any object laying back and then pushing yourself up is really amazing work on deep abdominal muscles

Bicycling While lying on the ground facing up bring your elbow to the opposite knee and keeping head slightly up,

Ending Exercise:

Remember always end up your exercise with an appropriate cooldown and simple stretch.


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