How to wash tennis shoes

Do you think that keeping your tennis shoes clean is possible?

It is not. You can’t keep your sneakers clean while playing or walking. You may be looking to know how to wash tennis shoes without any harm. If so, then you are at the right place.

We will let you know how you can clean your shoes and keep them in good condition for the long run.

How to wash tennis shoes

You can make your favorite sneaker look even more fresh and elegant by washing them carefully.  We will help you know how you can wash your sneakers by machine or hand. We will cover in this article:

  • Which shoe type is washable?
  • Methods to wash your Tennis shoes
  • Tips and suggestions to keep your shoes clean 
  • Conclusion

Sneakers make you look stunning and aesthetic but they can get dirty soon. You can wash both leather and fabric shoes in any washer without any Hussle.

How to Wash Tennis Shoe – Beginners Guide

In this section we will tell you the best ways to wash shoes in washer.

how to wash tennis shoes
  • Check the shoe Material

First of all check out the manual book that comes with your shoes. If your manufacturer has mentioned that washing the shoes in the machine is safe then you can put them in the machine for washing. Why should you check? Because not every shoe material is machine washable. That’s why make sure it is safe to put your shoes into the washer. Follow these steps to wash your shoes in a washer:

  • Remove Insoles and Laces

When putting your tennis shoes in the machine, make sure you have removed the laces. This is necessary because shoelaces can be stuck in the washer or wrap around the shoes. So, it is better to take off the shoe laces then put it into the washer.

  • Place your Shoes in a Bag

If you put your shoes in a machine without placing them in a bag it may tambling around. When you put them in a bag they will not damage the kicks. Hence, your tennis shoe will be washed out safe without any damage.

  • Pre-Clean Instruction

If the shoe laces are dirty too, you can scrub them down. For this purpose, you can use a brush to scrub your shoe laces and wipe off the dirt from them.

  • Use Cold and Delicate Water

If you use hot water for washing your shoes, it can distort the colors and can cause fading out the colors on kicks. That’s why you should always use cold water for washing your shoes and keep your machine pace to low-spin or slow spin. In this way, your shoes will not get damaged in the machine.

  • Let Your Shoes Dry In Natural Air

Do not use any air dryer to dry your shoes, because it can damage your shoes. So, keep your shoes drying in natural hot air. But if you need to get your shoes dry within less time, you can wrap your shoes in a towel and then use air dryer. In this way, your tennis shoe will get dried quickly without any damage. Once you wash your shoes, it can take upto 24 hours to get dried. In case of any urgency, you can wrap moisture absorb cloth around your shoes and get faster results.

Cleaning Tennis Shoes with Toothbrush and Baking Soda

Most of the sneakers are made with white canvas. So, there are many chances that your shoes will get dirty quickly. You can use home remedies to remove the dust and stain from shoes. For this purpose, you can use a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and warm water. Use this to help eliminate stains on your shoes and erase scuff marks when using a toothbrush or brush with medium firm bristles.

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Here is the process of using baking soda and mixture to clean your shoes:

  • Baking soda one tablespoon
  • Hydrogen peroxide half tablespoon 
  • Half tablespoon warm water

Mix them all and make a mixture of it to clean your shoes.

Steps to Follow:

  • Use an old toothbrush and dip it into the prepared mixture
  • Apply the brush directly on shoes where the stain lies
  • Let the mixture dry for 30 seconds on the shoes. 
  • Dry the shoe thoroughly and thoroughly rinse it with clean water. Use a clean sponge or a rag to do this.
  • If necessary, repeat the process.


Is it OK to wash tennis shoes in the washer?

Its fabrics are suitable for machine washing, so you can easily wash your sneakers and tennis shoes. Leather and suede shoes should not be washed in the same manner as clothes made with these materials.

Does washing shoes in the washer ruin them?

People should not wash their shoes in a washing machine, warns dry cleaning company Jeeves of Belgravia, as it can damage their shoes. Operation Director Will Lankston told the Daily Mail that washing machines can destroy the glue in trainers, which causes them to fall apart more easily.

Can I wash my Nikes in the washer?

The washing machine is fine for them. However, you must do a few things before you can throw them in.

How long do sneakers take to air dry?

It takes approximately two hours to air dry sneakers. Approximately 24 hours. Depending on the shoe and the temperature, the exact time will change. Just keep in mind that, as was stated previously, it is best if the insole and laces are separated before drying.

Final Words

We have tried hard to help you keep your tennis shoes cleaned. If you are looking for ways to know how to wash tennis shoes? You will like our information. We have explained different methods of cleaning your sneakers by hand or by machine. You can keep your shoes fresh and stylish for the long run without spending a lot of money. If you like our information, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. 


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